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2014 Summer Workshop on Bioprocess Engineering



Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras is organising a summer workshop on “Problem Solving Skills in Bioprocess Engineering”.

Bioprocess engineering principles and techniques are necessary in environmental remediation, pharmaceuticals, industrial enzymes, agro chemicals, food processing, bio-energy/bio-refinery, specialty chemicals, biomaterials and fermentation industries. It encompasses Bioenergetics, Kinetics of enzymatic reactions, Kinetics of cell growth and product formation, fermentation, Transport phenomena in bioprocess systems, Bioreactors and scale up, Downstream processing, and Upstream processing.

Problem solving skills are very important for design, development, scale-up and manufacturing of bio products. Theory/ lecture notes can be picked by a student from various on-line resources, but problem solving skills (tutorial) have to be acquired with the guidance of experts.

Who should attend?

Any science or technology graduate/post graduate and research scholar student, teachers and industry personnel.

Registration closes on June 9, 2014.