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  •  Provisional patent S Harshal, Mukesh Doble, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEASURING PERMEABILITY OF DRUGS/TOXIC CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS, Provisional filing Application no. 2550/CHE/2014, 23.05.2014
  • Invention disclosure “IN-875077 Microbial Degradation of Waxy Crude Oil Deposition at Surface and Downhole Facilities for Flow Assurance “, Jitendra SHITAL SANGWAI, Mukesh DOBLE, Sakthipriya N
  • Provisional Indian Patent title: “Process of blending cyclic glucan compound with synthetic or biopolymer for use as a drug carrier “; Application no. 5163/CHE/2013; Dt. 14/11/2013
  • Provisional Indian Patent title: “Antibiofilm and antimicrobial food packaging using enzyme modified polymer films and the process for the production thereoff ” ; Application no. 5162/CHE/2013; Dt. 14/11/2013
  • World PATENT : “New antituberculosis antibiotic from marine actinomycete strain R2″ – TRANSITMYCIN – Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Application No. PCT/IB2012/050463 Date of filing: February 1, 2012
  • Patent filed in collaboration with TRC, Chennai
    Title: “New Antituberculosis antibiotic from marine actinomycetes strain R2″
    Indian Patent Application No: 247/DEL/2011
    Date of Filing: February 2, 2011Streptomyces sp. Strain accession number provided by IMTECH, Chandigarh: MTCC 5597