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Prizes won at iGEM 2013

The team comprising of the following nine 4th year undergraduate students from the Department of Biotechnology participated in the prestigious synthetic biology competition iGEM and won a Gold Medal at the Regional Jamboree (Hong Kong) and were also awarded a Special Prize for the ‘Best Human Practices Advance’:

  • Aman Kumar (BT10B003)
  • Kanishka Waghmare Purushottam (BT10B047)
  • Mayank NK Choudhary (BT10B025)
  • Mitan Sutradhar (BT10B026)
  • Namit Sunil Holay (BT10B029)
  • Nandita Damaraju (BT10B030)
  • Nishita Mohan PV (BT10B061)
  • Rohan Pradeep Bendre (BT10B036)
  • Tolkappiyan Premkumar (BT10B045)

We congratulate the team for this achievement and Dr.Dhinakar Kompala, alumnus and Dr. Shrikumar Suryanarayan, Adjunct Faculty for the support provided by them to the team.