Prof. Suresh Kumar Govindarajan

Dr. Suresh Kumar Govindarajan
Reservoir Simulation Laboratory
Petroleum Engineering Programme
Department of Ocean Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology – Madras
Chennai 600 036 INDIA
OFFICE:  Dept. of Ocean Engineering – Third Floor – Room No: 304
E-Mail: gskumar@iitm.ac.in
Ph: 044 2257 4814  (Office)
Ph: 044 2257 5838  (Laboratory)

My Current Research Interest Includes: Fluid Flow Through Fractured Reservoirs; Non-Isothermal Single and Multi-Phase Fluid Flow; Thermal/Chemical/Biological Enhanced Oil Recovery; Fluid Flow through Shale Gas Reservoirs; Pressure Transient Analysis: Fractured Reservoirs; Onshore Oil Spill; Offshore Oil Spill; Hydraulic Fracturing; Shale Gas Production; Coal Bed Methane Production; Groundwater and Contaminant Transport; Fractured Geothermal Reservoir. Broad Area of Interest…