Minister’s visit to IIT Madras to discuss about our Pyrolysis projectDrilling in Sembakkam lake to assess it's sedimentsDrilling with Hollow Stem Auger at Kodungaiyur DumpsiteVisit to Pyrolysis unit at Kurnool, Andhra PradeshCzeroC 2018 - 19IIT-M ALUMNI SUMMIT at Santa Clara, California - CZC PanelSJSU After lecture to undergrads on Systems approach to Plastic wasteProf. AMY PRUDEN AND THE EAMR group at IITMADRAS from Virginia TechVisit to Ecotoxicology lab of Henner Hollert at Aachen UniversityMy research group with my Phd research advisor Prof Susan Powers Clarkson UniversityAACHEN University - with Hilgard Rouve and  Chair of Dept of Civil Engg. And Head IGCSAt CZC stall at  Shaastra  2018IITM UK research group on Anti microbial resistanceWinner of CZC from our research group - Ambika and JudgesCZC Top 25 team fromour research group Microbial Fuel Cell to treat Chromium Wastewater - Praveena , Diwakar and AngelCZC winning Team from our Research group - Sharanya with her Electrochemical Desalination ReactorChennail Oil Spill Scientist Group Buckingham Canal - Sewage OutletMeeting with Chennai Corporation and Dr. Isher Ahluwalia Coastal Pollution Field Study Sampling trip along Chennai Coastal areas With Dr. Pravarkar Mishra, National Centre for Coastal R


Welcome to Indumathi's group webpage. Here you can find out more about the group and the research we do within the ‘Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory’ in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.


Our main research focus is on the design and development of electrochemical systems such as fuel cells and electrolyzers. We aim to drive catalytic reactions using electrical energy with applications in conversion of carbon dioxide to useful chemicals and wastewater treatment. Our group also works on the development of photocatalysts for hydrogen generation and wastewater treatment.


My research focus has been primarily in the water quality sector - specifically groundwater and industrial wastewater treatment. The major contributions have been under three areas as below - Fundamental research, applied research and my current plans to venture into new arenas.

Research Areas

Fate and transport of contaminants in surface and ground water, Hazardous Waste
Management, Physico chemical and Bio remediation of contaminated aquifers, Waste
Water Reuse, Recovery and reuse of waste and saline water intrusion