Post docs

  • Using Machine Learning for transport phenomenon: We would like the applicant to develop computational models and algorithms for predicting transport phenomenon across fluid mechanics and heat transfer related problems using deep learning methods. Applicant with PhD in Mechanical engineering and background in data science, machine learning and transport phenomena are welcome to apply.

  • Also, interested applicants who have a PhD in Engineering and interested to work in micro/nanofluidics and 2D materials based experiments are welcome to apply.

  • Please send your CV directly to nandiga@iitm.ac.in

PhD applicants

  • Students interested in doing exciting and cool research in machine learning, micro/nanofluidics and bioengineering related problems for electronics, water, energy and health applications are encouraged to join our lab. We do both experiments and computational modeling across these fields of engineering and data science. Please email us to join our lab.

Master students (M.S/M.Tech)

  • Master students who are admitted in our department can contact us and discuss their exciting and cool ideas of research. We look forward for students in mechanical engineering who are interested to work on Machine learning, micro/nanofluidics and bioengineering related problems to come and discuss your ideas with us. Please email us in this regard.

UG students (B.Tech/Dual Degree)

  • We encourage B.Tech and Dual degree students in mechanical engineering to discuss their most promising and exciting ideas of research. Our group would be happy to take UG students for their project work on the topic that is exciting for both of us. Please email us to join our group.