• IITM NFIG grant # MEE1718862NFIGNADI: Single ion transport in Graphene nanopore Rs. 5 Lakhs

  • IITM NFSC grant # MEE1718689NFSCNADI: Rapid Switching using nano logic circuit Rs. 30 Lakhs

  • Indo-US joint center grant # USSTF/JC-042/2017: Nanoscale Transport and Biological Interfaces Rs. 50 Lakhs

  • MHRD STARS grant # STARS/APR2019/NS/148/FS: Fundamental study of organic solvent transport in nanochannels for energy and environment applications Rs. 98.92 Lakhs

  • SERB CRG-Exponential Technology grant # CRG/2020/001684: Fundamental study of polar liquids inside slit-like nanochannels Rs. 70.38 Lakhs

  • Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of MSMEs # accepted: Blue FMa Rs. 15 Lakhs

  • IoE-CoE Proposal # accepted (Co-PI): Micro Nano Bio-Fluidics will be updated soon

  • IoE-CoE Proposal # accepted (Co-PI): Nondestructive Evaluation, Asset Integrity, Structural and Process Health Monitoring will be updated soon