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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. The website is currently under preparation and will be updated from time to time. Please browse through the research and publicaions page to know more about my teaching and research activities.


  • Dr. Pramoda Kumar Nayak

  • Adjunct Professor (DST Ramanujan Fellow)
  • Room No. HSB 253C
  • Department of Physics
  • IIT Madras
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Plasmon Assisted Selective Enhancement of Direct Band Transitions in Multi-layer MoS2. Tejendra Dixit, Ankit Arora, Muralidhra Miryala, Masato Murakami, Pramoda K. Nayak, K. Lakshmi Ganapathi, M.S. Ramachandra Rao*, IEEE Photonics 11 (2019) 4501106. (I.F =2.73). DOI:10.1109/JPHOT.2019.2935000.
Variation of crystallinity of Cu and Cu2O nanowires arrays grown in various pores of porous alumina membrane Yu-Min Shen, Wen-Fang Chiu, Sheng-Chang Wang, Pramoda K. Nayak, Dipti. R. Sahu, Jow-Lay Huang Advanced Materials Letters,8 (2017), 1046-1051(I.F.= 1.46) DOI: 10.5185/amlett.2017.1493
Microstructure and wear behavior of spark plasma sintering sintered Al 2 O 3/WC-based composite Wei-Hsio Chen, Hao-Tung Lin, Jianmin Chen, Pramoda K Nayak, Alex C Lee, Horng-Hwa Lu, Jow-Lay Huang
Design and Fabrication of a High Tc BSCCO based Square Helmholtz Coil P. K. Nayak, U. Prasad, A. Amardas, D. Patel& S. Pradhan Journal of Physics: Conference Series 208 (2010) 012021.(I.F.= 0.69)


"The discovery of two-dimensional (2D) materials, the thinnest form of materials to ever occur in nature has the potential to dramatically alter and revolutionize our material world"