The Systems Genetics Laboratory


Welcome to the Systems Genetic Laboratory, where we harness the power of data science to revolutionize fundamental biology and clinical research. Our multidisciplinary approach combines experimental biology, computational methods, and collaborative partnerships to drive advancements in understanding biological systems and improving health outcomes.

Exploring Complexities: At the heart of our research is the exploration of intricate relationships between traits and genetic and environmental factors. By integrating diverse datasets and employing cutting-edge machine learning techniques, we unravel the complexities of biological systems and their impact on various characteristics. Our focus includes the study of yeast populations, both natural and synthetic, to uncover connections between genetic and phenotypic variations, shedding light on the influence of evolution on these relationships.

Maternal and Child Health: We are deeply committed to maternal and child health. Collaborating with clinical research partners, we develop computational models for enhanced prenatal care aimed at reducing adverse birth outcomes. Our collaborations with clinical institutes and hospitals provide access to valuable multiomic and clinical datasets, enabling us to create models that forecast disease outcomes and enhance patient care.

Our laboratory bridges the gap between traditional research methodologies and modern data-driven approaches. By combining experimental biology with computational methods, we aim to drive fundamental advancements in our understanding of biological systems and disease processes.

Discover the transformative potential of data science in unlocking the mysteries of life. At the Systems Genetic Laboratory, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, improving healthcare, and shaping the future of biological research. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore, innovate, and make a meaningful impact on the world of science and health.