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    Choose from a wide variety of research problems in the area of kinetics and kinematics of Human movement

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    Our lab culture nurtures individuals to realize their independent potential and nurtures in the transformation of individuals to leaders in a field of their choice

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    We work in all domains for our research from designing research problem, building novel devices, designing experiments to analyzing data

  • Electromagnetic Tracking System
    We have very accurate 16 sensors tracking system for capturing fine and dexterous hand movements

What do we do at the Neuromechanics Lab?

At the Neuromechanics lab, we are interested in understanding the neural basis ("control") of skilled human movements. Further we are interested in understanding movement control strategies in people with motor disorders and in elite athletes/artists. Neuromechanics lab is part of the Biomedical Engineering group in the Dept. of Applied Mechanics at IIT Madras.

Global Events

Apr 17

Neural Control of Movement, 2023

Apr 17-21, 2023

Victoria, BC, Canada

Our Research Focus


Fine & dexterous hand/finger movements are believed to be one of the distinct features human behavior.

In our lab, we investigate how humans perform specific finger movements and interact with the environment in a variety of ways.

Further, we are interested in understanding how humans can learn to perform specific skilled movements.

This research is inherently interdisciplinary and combines knowledge and questions from Movement Neuroscience, Finger/Hand Biomechanics, Robotics/Instrumentation and Machine learning/linear algebra/signal processing.

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