M Tech. Projects:


  1. Arpan Mukherjee, DAAD Sandwich Project at KIT, Germany jointly with Prof.Martin Frank.

  2. Nitish Dobhal, Dow Agro Machine Learning related Project.

  3. Sheena Chanda, Project related to Data Analytics and Statistical Deep Learning.

  4. Shivam Maurya, Project related to Data Analytics and Statistical Deep Learning.

  5. Shreya Karmakar, Tiger Analytics Project related to Data Analytics.

  6. Suraj, Project related to Time Series Analysis.

  7. Versha Saxena, Project related to PDE Simulation using Machine Learning Techniques.

  8. 2019:

  9. Nikhil SasiRajan, Dow Agro Project.

  10. P.Aravind, Dow Agro Project.

  11. AbhikDebnath, Dow Agro Project.

  12. Krishna Kumar, Tiger Analytics Project.

  13. Sushant Kumar Seet, Tiger Analytics Project.

  14. Rohit Malik, Time Series and PDE modeling on Big Data, Agnieszka Project.

  15. RohitKempari, Dow Agro Project.

  16. 2018:

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  21. DeepanshuKarnwal, “Technology Trends Identification”, 2018.

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  23. RahulSaha, “Identify Machine Failure with Machine Log Data”, 2018.

  24. 2017:

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  28. 2016:

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  30. Pawan Kumar (RWTH Aachen), “Mathematical Models for Tumor Growth & Uncertainty Qualification for the Input Data Involved”, 2016.

  31. Poonam Panchal (DRDO), “Analysis of Algorithms for Inversion of Acoustic Impulse Response Data to Estimate Water Column Sound Speed Profile in Shallow Water”, 2016.

  32. Harish Lingam, “Curve Fitting Problem of Two Dimensional Road”, 2016.

  33. Prashant Giri (Tiger Analytics), “Analysing Machine Log Data and Identify the Machine Failure”, 2016.

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  37. 2015:

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