Current Ph.D. Scholars:

  1. Parveena Shamim, Pedestrian Traffic Flow and Crowd Dynamics Models.

  2. Somnath Maity, Numerical Simulation and analysis of Pedestrian Traffic Flow Models using meshfree methods.

  3. A.Mageswari, Crowd Dynamics Models.

  4. Jyoti, Parallel GPU Analysis for Flow Simulations.

  5. Satya Prasad, Wave Structure Interaction.

  6. Biplab Pramanik, Water Waves.

  7. Sayanthan Banerjee, Time Series Modelling.

  8. Krishna Murari, ML Modeling Study on Pedestrian Crowd Dynamics.

  9. Ph.D Students:

  10. “Estimation of Multidimensional Autoregressive (AR) and Periodic Autoregressive (PAR) Time Series Models with α-Stable Distribution”, Prashant Giri, 2021 (Jointly guided by Prof.Agnieszka Wylomanska, WUST, Poland).

  11. “Modeling Studies on the Transport of Particles in Fluid”, Nitayananda Roy, 2021 (jointly guided by Prof.Thomas Goetz, Uni – Koblenz, Germany).

  12. "Assessment of Early Mild Cognitive Impairment using Brainstem MR Image Textures", Rohini P, 2020 (as Co-Guide).

  13. "Steady state reaction diffusion equations with falling zero reaction terms and nonlinear boundary conditions", Mohan Mallick, 2019 (Currently at TIFR CAM, Bangalore as PDF).

  14. “A Computational Study on Non-linear Diffusion Filters”, Surendra Kumar Sharma, 2016 (Currently Faculty (contract) at NIT Calicut).

  15. “A Study on Nonlinear Conservation Law Model of Production System Incorporating Yield Loss”, Tanmay Sarkar, 2015 (Currently Assistant Professor at IIT Jammu).

  16. “A Study on Rotation Invariance and Discrete Maximum Principle for Finite Difference Solutions of Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering, J.Mahipal, 2014. (Currently Assistant Professor, Mahindra Ecole Centrale, Hyderabad).

  17. “GPU Accelerated Finite Pointset Method for Flow Problems”, M.Panchatcharam, 2013 (Currently Assistant Professor at IIT Tirupati).

  18. “A Numerical Heat Transfer Modeling Study on the Isothermal Spherical Cavity with Uniform Block Heating”, SudhakarMatle, 2011.(Currently Assistant Professor, Centre for CFD at VIT University).

  19. “Wave Porous Structure Interaction: Modeling, Analysis and Numerical Simulation”, LemiGuta, 2010.(Currently Vice President, University of AdisAbaba, Ethiopia).

  20. “Asymptotic Analysis and Applications of Boundary Conditions for Lattice Boltzmann Methods”, Maddu Shankar, 2009. (Currently Senior Research Scientist, Genpact, Hyderabad).

  21. “Optimal Control of Film Casting Processes” K. Selvanayagam, 2008. (Currently Senior Research Scientist, LMS-Siemens Technologies, Chennai).

  22. “Modeling of Heat Flow Through Glass-Fibre Insulation”, Samir Roy, 2005.(Currently Faculty at RKM.College, University of Calcutta, Kolkata).

  23. “Modeling and Simulation of Incompressible Fluid Flow Through Porous Obstacles in a Open and Closed Channel”, S.Mohan Kumar, 2005. (Currently Vice President, Research, BNY Mellon, Pune).

  24. “Emperical Study of QoS and Congestion Control Mechanism in ATM Networks”, O.P.Vyas, 2000. (Currently Professor of Software Engineering, IIIT Allahabad).

  25. “Study on Krylov Subspace Methods for Numerical Heat Transfer and Eigenvalue Problems”, B.Krishna Bhagavan, 1999. (Currently CEO, Sansys Technologies, London).

  26. “Predictive Modeling Based on Classification Method”, V.Prashanth, 2000. ( M.S. by research). (Currently Senior Research Analyst, Wipro, Hyderabad).

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

  1. Dr.Kousalya, Institute Women PDF, Since January 2020.

  2. Dr.J.Ramana Reddy, Institute PDF, 2018 - 2020.

  3. Dr.Ritesh Kumar Dubey, Institute PDF, 2010 - 2012.