Diode laser wear resistance cladding

The high-value parts (gears, pistons, turbine blades, etc) that are working in huge abrasive and corrosive environments have exponentially lost their surface and functional properties (resistance to wear, corrosion, heat, fatigue, erosion, etc.), costing several billion dollars to aerospace, automotive, energy (oil and gas), marine, defence, nuclear, and tool sectors. In light of this, a relatively new, direct diode laser technology is used for tailoring/manipulating of surface and functional properties by localized embedding of site-specific hard and wear-resistance materials. The very idea is that the surface and functional properties are locally tailored rather than modifying bulk mass materials property which turned out to be economical and also extends the part’s service longevity. Its commercial applications are growing rapidly, especially, in aerospace, automotive, energy (oil and gas), marine, defence, and tool manufacturing industries.