Ph.D Students:

  1. Kuntal Som, On Set-Valued Optimization Problems: Existence, Well-Posedness and Robustnness, 2021 (Assistant Professor, IIT Jodhpur)

  2. Soumitra Dey, Algorithmic approaches to variational inclusions and fixed point problems, 2020 (Postdoctoral Fellow, Technion, Israel)

  3. Bhupendra Singh, Some results on Rotation Symmetric Bent Functions and Complementary Symmetric Booledan Functions, 2019. (Scientist, DRDO)

  4. Asrifa Sultana, Fixed Points of contractive and multivalued mappings , IIT Madras 2015. (Assistant Professor, IIT Bhilai)

  5. M.Panchatcharam, GPU Accelerated Finite Pointset Method for Flow Problems, IIT Madras, 2013 (Assistant Professor, IIT Tirupati)

  6. I.Jeyaraman, Linear Complementarity Problems over Symmetric cones, IIT Madras, 2011. (Assistant Professor, NIT Trichy)

  7. A.Chandrashekaran, Standard and semidefinite linear complementarity problems, IIT Madras 2010 (Assistant Professor, Central University of Tamilnnadu)

  8. K.Selvanayagam, Optimal control of film casting processes, IIT Madras, 2009. (Senior Research Scientist, LMS-Siemens Technologies, Chennai)

  9. R.Balaji, On Semidefinite Linear Complementarity Problems , IIT Madras, 2005 (Professor, IIT Madras)

  10. S.Mohan Kumar, Modeling and Simulations of Incompressible Flow Through Porous Obstracles in a Closed and Open Channel, IIT Madras, 2005 (Vice President, Research, BNY Mellon, Pune)

  11. Joydeep Dutta, Optimality and Duality for Inequality Constrained and Cone Constrained Programs, IIT Kharagpur, 1998.(Professor, Dept of Economics, IIT Kanpur)

  12. Sugato Gangopadhyay, On Units of Group Rings, IIT Kharagpur, 1998. (Professor & Head, Dept. of Computer Science, IIT Roorkee).