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I get mails from many students looking for projects, summer internships etc. I received around 50 mails last month alone. I would probably take at most one student in summer, and one in winter year. If you are considering writing to faculty, you might benefit by reading the articles at this page. While I generally attempt to reply to each mail if it is addressed only to me, the volume of mails means that I have had to skip answering some of them in the last few months. Here's some information which may help:

I'm always looking for post-docs. IIT offers very attractive post-doctoral positions. More details are at this page. Additionally, there are short term post-doctoral positions open only to women, more details about which are at the link above. If you would like to work with me as a post-doc, please send me an email.

Students who have a Bachelor's/Master's degree are eligible to apply for positions on Projects. Unfortunately, I do not have any project openings to fill at present.

IITM offers summer fellowships to bachelors students in the third year of their course, and to masters students completing the first year of their course. The internships are typically from mid-May to mid-July and students get a stipend. A version of the advertisement is here. The selection procedure is centralized and selected students are given the opportunity to choose their internship guide once they join. IITM students are not eligible for the above.

If you are a student at IITM (especially with a computer science or electrical background) and you're looking to do a summer project involving coding in C++ / image processing / working with electronic circuitry and Arduinos or LabView, you can send me an email or speak to me at 4715.

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