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Welcome to the Prof. K. S. Reddy’s Research Group! Our group focuses on the fundamental and applied studies on renewable energy technologies - solar energy, energy and environment analyses, fossil & renewable power plant engineering and thermal property characterization of two-phase materials.

Our research areas include: concentrated solar power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV), solar energy technologies for process heat and power generation, thermal energy storage, solar energy for desalination and effluent treatment, 4-E (Energy-Exergy-Environmental-Economic) analyses of power plant cycles, renewable energy system integration for energy efficiency and thermo-physical property estimation of two-phase materials.


Prof. K. S. Reddy – Brief Profile:

Dr. K. S. Reddy, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras, Chennai is specialist in renewable energy technologies, concentrating solar thermal and PV systems, energy efficiency and environment. Presently, he is also honorary professor at University of Exeter, U.K. and Adjunct Professor, CEERI-CSIR, Chennai. He has authored more than 200 research papers inreputed international journals and conferences (more than 100 each). He has filed couple of patents in the area of energy. He co-authored a book on “Sustainable Energy and the Environment: A Clean Technology Approach” Published by Springer. Dr. Reddy has executed several research projects related to solar energy and energy & environment sponsored by various national and international agencies. He is actively involved in development of Concentrating Solar Power technologies in India. He is associated with several Industries on power generation, process heat, energy efficiency & conservation and characterization of engineering materials. He has received several awards such as WSSET Innovation award, Shri J.C.Bose Patent award etc. in recognition of his research work. He has also organized several national & international workshops on advanced renewable energy technologies at IIT Madras. Dr. Reddy is an expert committee member in various selection committees. He has taught several courses related to thermal engineering