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Sivakumar M. Srinivasan


Active Material Structures and Systems Lab,

Solid Mechanics Group,

Department of Applied Mechanics
IIT Madras Chennai - 600 036.

Phone: +91 44 2257 4061


Also: Dean (Students), IITM


Research Interests

Smart Materials and Structures; Inelasticity / Plasticity; Micromechanical modeling; Fatigue of Materials; Computational Mechanics; Composites



Inelasticity of Materials, WorldScientific, Inc., I edition, 2009. (& Arun R. Srinivasa).

Engineering Mechanics, Prentice Hall of India,. I edition, 2003. (with C.Lakshmana Rao, J. Lakshmi Narasimhan and Raju Sethuraman)



Engineering Mechanics comprehensive revision (39 videos)


Recent Journal Publications (past 5 years)


D. Pandit, S.M. Srinivasan, Simulation of shape memory cycle of a polymeric beam undergoing large deflection using a simple incremental approach, Comptes rendus Mechanique, submitted for review, 2017.

J Andrew, SM Srinivasan and A Arockiarajan, A review of parameters influencing the impact response of fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composite materials, Composite Structures, submitted for review, 2017.

Bhakti N Patel, SM Srinivasan, Post-buckling of micro-cantilever beams using the consistent couple stress theory, CMES, submitted for review, 2017.

K T Kasinathan, S.M. Srinivasan, Magnetoelasticity of gels, J Intell. Mat. Sys. & Struct, revision submitted,  2017.

Vishwas C Khan, Akshaj Kumar V, Balaganesan G, Srinivasan, S. M., Numerical Study On Multi Layered Target Material Subjected To Impact Loading, Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures, accepted for publication, 2017.

J Andrew, S M Srinivasan and A.Arockiarajan, The role of adhesively bonded super hybrid external patches on the impact and post-impact response of repaired glass/epoxy composite laminates, Composite Structures, revision submitted, 2017. 

J Andrew, S M Srinivasan and A.Arockiarajan, Influence of Patch Lay-Up Configuration and Hybridization on the Impact and Post-Impact Response of Repaired GFRP composites, IJ Impact Engg., submitted for review, 2017. 

Bhakti N. Patel D. Pandit, S.M. Sriniasan, Moment-curvature based elasto-plastic model for large deflection of micro-beams under combined loading, IJ Mechanical Sciences, accepted for publication, June 2017. 

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