Welcome to Corrosion Engineering and Materials Electrochemistry Lab (CoE-MatEl)
Dr.-Ing Lakshman Neelakantan
About Us 

Since the last 7 years, our group at Corrosion Engineering and Materials Electrochemistry laboratory has been involved in innovative and ground-breaking research in the fields of electrochemistry, surface modification, and corrosion. In this group, the focus is as much on the fundamentals of the electrochemical processes as on the real-world applications. A variety of materials ranging from metals and alloys to polymer composites are dealt with at both micro- and nano- scale so as to enhance the in-depth knowledge of phenomena studied. Likewise, novel experimental procedures and instruments are designed and developed to facilitate extensive investigation, as and when required. The growth of this laboratory is organic and supported by in-house research as well as by the industrial projects. Our group is open to new people passionate about research and we welcome new ideas that will help the group to achieve greater heights. 
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Congratulations to Mr. Arulkumar Ganapathi and Mr. Nitish Kumar for successful completion of M.S thesis. 
PhD and MS admission 2019 - IIT Madras