Welcome to Corrosion Engineering and Materials Electrochemistry Lab (CoE-MatEl)
Mr. Arulkumar Ganapathi 
Current Affiliation - PhD scholar, MPIE Dusseldorf, Germany
M.S (by research) - 2019, IIT Madras
Mr. Nitish Kumar
Current Affiliation - PhD scholar, Simon Fraser University, Canada
M.S (by research) - 2019, IIT Madras
Dr. Clement C Raj 
Current Affiliation - Assistant Professor, KCG College of Technology, Chennai 
National Post Doctoral Fellow - 2019, IIT Madras
Dr. Viswanathan Rajan
Current Affiliation - Assistant Professor, DSCE, Bangalore
PhD scholar - 2017, IIT Madras
Dr. Balakrishnan M
Current Affiliation - Post Doctoral Fellow, CTE Group, TU Delft, Netherlands
PhD Scholar - 2017, IIT Madras
Mr. Ashok Vayyala 
Current Affiliation - PhD scholar, Forschungszentrum J├╝lich, Germany 
M.S (by research) - 2016, IIT Madras
Mr. Subhash R
Current Affiliation - Ph.D Scholar, IOCL-Simon Fraser University, Canada 
M.S (by research) - 2015, IIT Madras
Dual Degree & M.Tech
Mr. Manoj Prabhakar 
Current Affiliation - PhD scholar, MPIE, Dusseldorf, Germany 
Dual Degree - 2014, IIT Madras
Mr. Shubham Parate
M.Tech - 2019, IIT Madras
Mr. Krishna Reddy
M.Tech - 2017, IIT Madras
Mr. Allu Prasad
M.Tech - 2017, IIT Madras
Mr. Karthik Arul
Current Affiliation - Employee at Tata Consultancy Services
M.Tech - 2016, IIT Madras
Mr. Nitesh Rajput 
Current Affiliation - Deputy Manager Operations, Hero MotoCorp
M.Tech - 2015, IIT Madras