Welcome to Multiscale Multiphysics Group

Research Focus

The group is focused in fundamental and applied research on microfluidics, surface engineering and heat transfer. The area of research includes (not limited to) wettability patterning, multiphase flow, single and multiphase heat transfer etc.

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Recent Publications

  • Precise liquid transport on and through thin porous materials, Langmuir, (2018) 34, 2865–2875.
  • Surface-wettability patterning for distributing high-momentum water jets on porous polymeric substrates, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, (2018) 10, 5038–5049.
  • Rapid, self-driven liquid mixing on open-surface microfluidic platforms, Scientific Reports (2017) 7: 1800 PDF.
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International Collaborators

Prof. Constantine M. Megaridis, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, UIC, Chicago

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Open surface microfluidics

Self driven liquid micromixer for low cost Point of Care and Lab on a Chip applications.


Condensation heat transfer

Enhancing dropwise condensation heat transfer using optimized wettable pattern surface.

active suspension

Self-propelled systems

The collective behaviors of fish, birds, microorganisms, micro robots, human crowds, motion of cars etc. are ubiquitous in nature. Flocking behavior and phase transition are also observed in a dense active particles.