S No. Name of the Scholar Title of the Thesis Co-guide Course & Year of completion Current Affiliation
1. Mr. Dipanand Devanand Birajdar Comparative study of optimization methods for prognostics of rolling element bearing​ - M. Tech (2017) Placed in Mercedes
2. Mr. Pramit Mahto Modelling of ball defect for rolling element bearing - M.Tech (2018) Placed in Renault Nissan
3. Mr. Natta Rajesh Optimization of resonance frequency for maximizing the amplitude in envelop analysis for a rolling element bearing - Dual Degree (2018) -
4. Mr. Nitesh Kumar Sharma Rolling Element Bearing Spall Size Estimation Using Wavelets Packet end EMD - M.Tech (2019) Placed in Gyan Data Pvt. Ltd.
5. Mr. S N Venkateswaran Defect Size Quantification in Rolling Element Bearing using Novel Signal Processing Techniques - Dual Degree (2020) Placed in OLA