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Students' Research



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Arnav Anuj Kasar


Mechanics-based Monotonic Load-Deformation Curves of Beam to Column Joints for Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of
Steel Moment Frame Buildings

January 2017; with Professors S.D. Bharti and M.K. Srimali of MNIT Jaipur


S.R. Balasubramanian


Performance Characteristics Based Seismic Vulnerability Analysis Methodology for Brick Masonry Buildings;

May 2017; with Professor A. Meher Prasad and Dr. K. Balaji Rao of CSIR-SERC Madras


Aysha Majeed Zaneeb


Lateral Shear Strength Estimation of Rectangular RC Bridge Piers;

June 2017; with Professor C.V.R. Murty


P. Sunitha


Seismic Design of Low-Rise RC Moment Frame Buildings Rationalised with Earthquake Resistant Design Philosophy;

June 2017; with Professor C.V.R. Murty


A.R. Vijayanarayanan


Fundamental Lateral Mode Guided Plastic Rotation Capacity Based Seismic Design of RC Moment Frame Buildings;
November 2019; with Professor C.V.R. Murty


M. Saravanan


Development of New Replaceable Earthquake-Resistant Partial-Strength Strong-Axis Moment-Resisting Beam-to-Column Connection;

January 2022; with Dr. G.S. Palani of CSIR-SERC Madras


Ch. B. Ajay Mani Teja


Behaviour and Design of RC Walls in Buildings; in progress


Trishit Chandra


Earthquake Resistant Design of RC Bridges; in progress


Prashant A. Bansode


Seismic Design and Performance of RC Buildings with Structural Walls; in progress




P. Pandi


Determination of Current State of a Bridge using Quasi-Static Loading and Strain Measurement;

May 2013; with Professor U. Saravanan

  Aditya Balasaheb Deshmukh

Optimal use of RC Walls in improving Earthquake Behaviour of RC Moment Frame Buildings on Hill Slopes; October 2017


Tharun John Joseph


An Analytical Model of Anchor Bolted Column-Baseplate Connections in Steel Moment Frame Buildings; May 2018


Jones Joju


Influence of Panel Zone Design on Performance of Steel Special Moment Frame Buildings; January 2020


K. Laxmith Shetty


Use of RC Structural Walls in Steel Moment Frame Buildings for Earthquake Resistance; in progress





Tanish Kumar


Parametric and Experimental Study of Ductile I-Beam to Box Column Connections for Steel  Moment Resisting Frames;

June 2009


Diwan Singh Bora


Prediction of Failure in Steel Welded Connections for Seismic Applications; May 2010


S. Ananthan


Analysis and Optimum Design of Cold-formed Steel Uprights for Industrial Storage Racks; June 2010


N. Jafarali


Seismic Response of Cold-formed Steel Storage Racks; June 2011


Charan Raju


Seismic Demands on Steel Moment Resisting Frames; June 2011


Shantanu R. Menon


Seismic Behaviour of Moment Resisting Frame Buildings; May 2012


Rajiv Talluri


Effect of Column to Beam Strength Ratio on Behaviour of Steel Moment Frame Buildings; May 2012


M. Devi Swetha


Seismic Behaviour of RC Buildings with Open Ground Storey; June 2013


G. M. Devi Prasad


Ductility and Overstrength of Buildings Designed using Indian Codes; May 2014


Manoj T. Hanmawale


Quantification of Curvature Ductility of Steel Beam Sections; May 2014


Ketan Kiran Kulkarni


Twisting Behaviour of Buildings during Earthquakes; May 2015


Ajaysimha Hiriyanna


Seismic Design and Behavior of Eccentrically Braced Frames; May 2015


Alex Paul Thomas


Role of Ductility in Blast Resistance of RC Frame Structures; May 2016


Dhiraj R. Jamdade


Curvature Ductility of Hollow Steel Sections; May 2016


Ch. N. Poorna Chandra Rao


Analysis and Design of Steel Shear Walls in Buildings for Seismic Applications; May 2017


Ch. Venkatesh


Seismic Behaviour and Design of Eccentrically Braced Frames; May 2018


Saurabh G. Tak


Numerical Study of Steel Links with Slotted Web; May 2019


Anand J. Nair


Effect of Unreinforced Masonry Infills on the Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Buildings on Hill-slopes; May 2019


A. K. Safeel


Hysteretic Response of Steel Plate Shear Walls; May 2019


Mohammed Rafi Ullah


Design and Analysis of Stiffened Ship Deck Structure under Impact Loads; May 2021





Rahul Oraon


Effect of Semi-Rigid Connections on Design of Steel Buildings; June 2010


K. Sai Chowdeswara Rao


Seismic Code Provisions and Design of Pre-Engineered Steel Industrial Buildings; May 2017