Venue for classes: MSB 360, Mechanical Sciences Block (MSB), Department of Mechanical Engineering,
IIT Madras.

DATE Topic / Syllabus to be covered
25/03/2019 Understanding materials Response in Manufacturing (L-1 to L-3 with Tutorial)
Overview of manufacturing, Mechanical behavior of metals- Dislocation concept-Strain hardening- Heat treatments-Thermo-mechanical treatments for tailored properties; Phase diagrams-Solidification.
26/03/2019 Welding Science & Technology: Part-1
L-4 (SM): Welding Processes, TIG & ATIG welding, Mechanisms of deep penetration through controlled arc and weld pool dynamics, Underlying role of minor elements.
L-5 (SM): Strategies to increase weld penetration & reduce overall Heat input, Recent developments In Focus and KTig with case studies, Metal Arc Processes: Metal transfer, CMT process, Welding of Titanium, Methodologies to stabilize arc.
L-6 (SM): Laser & Plasma welding: Laser metal interactions, Mechanisms of Key Holing, Process Stability, Laser Arc Hybrid processes with case studies- Oil & Gas industry, Marine applications. Review of challenges.
This series of lectures (L-4, L-5 and L-6) will serve as guidelines how to integrate research in industry and avoid pit falls.
27/03/2019 Welding Science & Technology: Part-2
Solid state welding for joining similar and dissimilar materials (Principles, Challenges, Applications, Case studies )-(L-7 to L-9).
L-7 (SKP): Part-A: Friction based welding—Friction welding, Linear friction welding, Friction stir welding.
L-8 (SKP): Part-B: Diffusion and deformation based welding: Roll bonding, Diffusion bonding (DB), DB+Superplastic Forming.
L-9 (SKP): Part-C: Electromagnetic pulse based Welding and Technology.
L-4 to L9 : Welding technology and the response of materials to different related thermo- mechanical effects would constitute the base to better apprehend free form technology (AM).
28/03/2019 Additive manufacturing of metallic parts: Part-1
L-10 (SM): Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (AM): From Digital to Print- Relation between Welding & additive manufacturing.
L-11 (SM): Feedstock requirements & characterization, AM Processes- Powder bed, Direct Energy deposition (L-DED), Wire Arc Manufacturing, Recent trends in AM.
L-12 (SM): Case studies from industry: Weight reduction, conformal cooling channels (tooling, injection molding), Functional Gradient properties, Design for AM business models.
29/03/2019 Additive manufacturing of metallic parts: Part-2
L-13 (SM): Understanding material response in AM- Fluid dynamics- role of feed stock materials (powders vs wire), arc vs Laser. Laser powder interactions during L_PBF & L-DED AM processes.
L-14 (SM): Understanding the role of processing in variability of AM properties. Post processing of AM parts.
L-15 (SM): Challenges & perspectives of additive manufacturing through lessons learnt by welding industry.
30/03/2019 Lab Demo (SKP) and Examination (SM and SKP)

SM: Prof Surendar K Marya
SKP: Dr. Sushanta Kumar Panigrahi