Teaching Polariscope

The two teaching polariscopes available in the laboratory are equipped with hydraulic loading facility and a load indicator. The dual channel light source offers sodium vapour and white light for illumination. The loading frame can be easily set for tensile and compression mode. The area of interest can be up to 300 mm diameter models.

Customizable Research Polariscope

The photoelastic test facility is customizable for different optical configurations for digital photoelastic algorithms. Offers a large range of loads by dead weight attachment, which offers accurate load measurements. The dual channel light source offers sodium vapour and white light for illumination and is specially designed to provide uniform illumination over the field.

Digital Image Correlation

Digital image correlation (DIC) is an optical, non-contact experimental technique that measures surface displacements and strains. In DIC, two experimental configurations can be used. The first one is, 2D DIC where a single camera, placed perpendicular to the specimen surface is used to measure in-plane displacements. The second one is, 3D DIC where two cameras placed at an acute angle to the specimen surface are used to measure both in-plane and out-of-plane displacements. In DIC, displacements are determined by comparing the images of the speckled specimen surface before and after deformation.

Reflection Polariscope

The portable reflection polariscope comes in handy to solve a wide variety of industrial/research problems. With customized image acquisition systems, the reflection polariscope can be used for whole field digital photoelastic measurements.

Automatic Polariscope AP07

State of the art for law birefringence measurements. The optical configurations are precisely controlled by stepper motors. The software associated offers a dedicated platform for glass stress measurements.The facility is enhanced locally to measure stresses in lenses conveniently.


State of the art for scattered light photoelastic measurements. The best tool for glass stress analysis, having compact dimensions making it a good choice for field measurements.