This list is not exhaustive. Those alumni who happen to visit this webpage, please send your details along with a nice photograph to sachinsasikumarclt [at] Please contact as many of your batchmates to complete this list.

Abhinav Thiyagarajan

Senior Manager, Tata Motors Ltd., Pune, India

MS Thesis: Digital Image Correlation - Parameters Selection and its Applications to Fracture Problems,
Currently involved in cold start of engines at high altitudes
thiyagarajan.abhinav414 [at]

Ajay Kumar A J

Analysis Engineer, TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES Ltd. Bangalore, India

MTech Thesis: Finite Element Simulation of Dugdale Fracture in Thin Sheets of Polycarbonate, 2015
Currently working on Design synthesis of Head, Block and Exhaust system of pickup trucks for its structural and functional stability at various environmental conditions.
ajaykumar.kbs [at]

Anand V

Assistant General Manager / Head – Brake Systems, Product Development, Ashok Leyland

MTech Thesis: Experimental investigation of stress distribution in industrial components using
                          photoelasticity, 2008
anandh_vee [at]

Ashutosh Pandey

PhD Research Assistant, Department of Aerospace, Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

MS Thesis: Development of normalization technique for digital photoelasticity and fringe projection
                          profilometry, 2019
ashutosh.pandey.b94 [at]

Bhagyashree Prabhune

Technical Officer, Spacekeyo division, Makman Brothers, Pune, India

Project Associate: Contact stress parameter evaluation using digital photoelasticity, IIT(M)-ISRO cell,
b.prabhune95 [at]
Best Outgoing Student Award 2016 by Cognizant Corporation and COEP
S. N. Bose Scholarship: One of the 55 awardees across India for research in the US which covered USD 2000 and airfare
Best Outgoing Student in Mechanical Engineering 2015-16
Best Student Project Award 2016 among all Senior Theses work in COEP awarded by Tata Consultancy Services with a gold medal, a cash prize of Rs. 20,000/-
“Eaton Pratibha Excellence Award” 2015 encouraging multifaceted woman engineers with a scholarship of Rs. 57,000/-
Recipient of AICTE-INAE (Indian National Academy of Engineering) Travel Grant to present technical papers at an international conference 2015