P_Scope® A Virtual Polariscope by K Ramesh

Transform a Computational Laboratory to an Experimental Laboratory

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P_Scope® is an innovative software that simulates conventional/generic polariscopes using Jones calculus for eight different problems for which theory of elasticity solution exists. It can also plot isochromatic and isoclinic phasemaps to understand the nuances of Digital Photoelasticity. The parameters governing the problems can be changed to customize the simulation. A variety of light sources and model materials can be selected. Other features include plotting of isopachics, all isoclinics, influence of carrier fringes, zoom in/out etc

The software also has a facility to plot whole field stress component plots. Twenty eight years of teaching experience has gone into the making of the software. Innovative tool to integrate experimental mechanics with the courses such as Strength of Materials, Theory of Elasticity, Fracture Mechanics, and Experimental Stress analysis and enhance learning experience. The software is embedded with a laboratory manual containing ten different experiments.

Windows OS - 10
Compatible with Desktop/Notebook
Available as a network version for easy running of the laboratory.
Copyright © 2017, IIT Madras

Standard problems that can be simulated in P_Scope®:

• Circular Disc                                                           • Plate with a hole (σx, σy )
• Ring under diametral compression                        • Beam problems (Pure bending, Cantilever, UDL, 3-point bend)
• Thick Cylinder                                                        • Crack problem (Mode-I, II)
• Semi infinite plate (Load at any orientation)           • Contact problem (Hertzian with and without friction)

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