Regular PhD Students:

S. M. Ananth (July 2018 - present - Jointly with Prof. Richard Sandberg)

M.Tech: IIT Kanpur

B.Tech: SCTCE Trivandrum (University of Kerala)

High fidelity simulations for flow control of separated flows.

Adrian Arasu (July 2019 - present)

M.Tech: Iowa State University

B.Tech: Kumaraguru college of Technology, Anna University

Effects of ground vortex on intake-fan-interactions.

Abdul Gafoor (July 2020 - present)

M.Tech: Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal

B.Tech: College of Engineering, Trivandrum (University of Kerala)

Efficacy of Plasma actuation strategies for flow control.

Anmol Garg (June 2017 - present - Jointly with Prof. Balaji Srinivasan)

M.Tech: Thapar University, Patiala

B.Tech: G.Z.S. Campus, Punjab Technical University

Aerothermal studies of tip leakage flow mechanism in axial turbine rotor.

External PhD Students:

S. Thennavarajan (Jan 2020 - present - Jointly with Dr. Dilipkumar Alone)

M.Tech: NIT Karnataka

B.Tech: AMIE

Condition monitoring of turbomachinery systems.

Masters Students (MS and M.Tech):

Aditya Vaid (MS) (July 2019 - Present)

B.Tech: Chandigarh College Of Engineering and Technology Degree (CCET), Punjab University

Roughness and free-stream effects on transitional flows

Sumit Sarvankar (MS) (Jan 2020 - Present)

B.Tech: Tezpur University

Multi-fidelity frameworks to predict crosswind flows

Ritu Raj kumar (MS) (July 2020 - Present)

B.Tech: Cochin University of Science and Technology(CUSAT), Kerala

High fidelity simulations of supersonic and hypersonic boundary layers.

Korumilli Satya Kumar (July 2021 - Present)

B.Tech: Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Large eddy simulations of Cavity flows: Active flow control using plasma actuation

Kotturi Sai Nikhil (M.Tech) (July 2021 - Present)

B.Tech: IIT Palakkad

High order LES of turbine blades using immersed boundary method

Kiran Hiremath (M.Tech) (July 2021 - Present)

B.Tech: DSCE BANGALORE (VTU university)

RANS based numerical frameworks to capture transitional flows

Dual Degree / BTech Students:

Akash Haridas (Jan 2021 - Present)

Deep learning for sub-precision modelling

Nihal S Manvi (May 2021 - Present)

Turbulence modelling using Tensor based Neural Networks

Project Associates:

Sai Teja Kaluva (July 2021 - Present)

M.Sc: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

B.Tech: IIITDM Jabalpur

Prediction of pressure fluctuations beneath the boundary layers of complex geometries


Project Associates:

Student Year Thesis Currently at:
Devi Mutyala 2020-21 Wall modelling for Large Eddy Simulations The University of Texas, Austin


Student Year Thesis Currently at:
Ganesh Nampelly (MTech) 2021 Eddy Resolving Simulations of Cavity Flows (Recipient of INAE Innovative Students Project Award) Robert Bosch Bangalore, India
Yengu Siva Sai Krishna (DDP) 2021 Instability and breakdown of Stuart Vortices Navi Technologies, Bangalore
Alex Yeung (MPhil) 2018 Aircraft Nacelle Design Hong Kong Government


Student Year Thesis Currently at:
Vanya B 2021 Lower Order Modelling and LSTMs to model Transitional Flows JP Morgan Chase
Sanjan Muchandimath 2020 Custom Solver for validating the Immersed Boundary Method with Smeared Geometry on the NASA rotor 67 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Parag Goyal 2020 Predicting Transitional flow Over Rough Surface Using Deep Voxel Flow Nference Labs
Dhruval Karmariya 2020 Prediction of Transitional Flows using Gene Expression Programming Standard Chartered GBS Pvt. Ltd.
Aditya Vinod 2019 Lower Order Modelling of Transitional and Turbulent Boundary Layers The University of Texas, Austin

B.Tech, Undergraduate Research Project:

Student Year Thesis Currently at:
Akash Haridas 2021 Modelling Wall-Pressure Spectra using Neural Networks IIT Madras
Rahul Chakwate 2020 Data Driven Turbulence Modelling Carnegie Mellon University
Mihir Godia 2019 Generation of Gaussian and non-Gaussian Surface Roughness -

Summer/Winter Interns:

Student Year Thesis Currently at:
Niranjan Sankar 2021 Development of non-linear tools to study bypass transition Madras Institute of Technology
Subathra Sabapathy 2021 Non-linear analysis of transitional flows Madras Institute of Technology
Amit Kumar 2021 Inverse design of airfoils using CNN and DNN IIT Kharagpur
Sidarth Narayan 2019 Enhancement of high fidelity CFD solver using OpenACC Madras Institute of Technology