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9 May,2012
I've almost finished my first two semesters here and am keenly looking forward to the small break from teaching (which includes trips to the Young Researchers Meet and the F-singularities workshop), before the summer semester begins. It's been a somewhat heavy two semesters (teaching, research and otherwise), yet as always it's been a massive learning experience. A big thank you to all those who've helped me settle, particularly those in the department.

4 June,2012
Back from a rather hectic but very enjoyable 2 week trip filled with mathematics, meeting people (mathematicians, friends, family), table tennis, bridge, etc. Will start teaching tomorrow, and look forward to getting some serious work done in the summer months.

3 July,2012
A teaching breather tomorrow due to the 4th of July celebrations. Reasonably happy that I've been able to put in some work during the last month, academically and on an exercise regimen...a month of math, teaching, bicycling, jogging, swimming, Euro soccer and the first week of Wimbledon. Bit anxious about the impending change of living quarters but looking forward to the Pi School! Happy 4th of July, enjoy safely.

11 August, 2012
Back in Lawrence after a very enjoyable 2 weeks after a back breaking summer semester. Looking forward to the fall semester which starts in a couple of weeks.

30 October, 2012
Been a while since I updated this, may be indicative of how tough this semester has been. But I'm enjoying teaching honors calculus and participating in the algebraic geometry reading course. Also improved my cooking skills considerably from where I was, probably thanks to the accommodation change. The weather's becoming cold now, so looking forward to warmer climes come December.

07 December, 2012
Currently enjoying some beautiful mathematics in ICTP. It's been a wonderful semester, a big thank you to the calculus honors and algebraic geometry students and department colleagues who made it so. The meeting here has been really great, many thanks to all those who made this possible, department colleagues and the organisers here. Looking forward to warmer climes and home in a few days.

04 January, 2013
Currently back home in the middle of the great Indian family, enjoying great food and nice weather. Also met many academic colleagues, friends and a lot of other people. It's been quite a hectic trip so far, a couple of weeks more to go.

20 February, 2013
After a rather hectic winter trip, the semester restarted quite well. I'm teaching differential equations and a quadratic forms reading course, so in somewhat uncharted territory. Rest, it's been all getting back to work, a little travel, swimming, reading, solving crosswords and catching up with friends. Also the utensils from India have made a big gastronomic difference, I'm positively enjoying cooking! Somewhat unsure of what to expect from tomorrow's snow storm...stay warm.

3 April, 2013
Busy...tired...happy that the winter's over and I am back to bicycling to swim. Reading "River of Smoke".

3 May, 2013
Busiest semester so far...I'm done teaching and off for a week, escaping the latest snow storm (yes, in May). In the meantime, I managed to finish "River of Smoke" and "The Inheritance of Loss". Currently reading collected stories of Oscar Wilde. Looking forward to a genuine spring.

11 August, 2013
Been quite a while since I wrote an update and as you can guess, the reason was that I was away for the summer. After a very busy India trip (talks, conferences, workshops) during which I met a large number of friends and could squeeze in some time with the family including a trip to Mysore, I spent a week on the East Coast. And now I am finally back in Lawrence! Here's a very nice book I managed were to read in the intermediate : Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart . Looking forward to the semester reopening and related events.

31 October, 2013
And here's another update after a while. This semester has been very interesting so far, with the math looking encouraging and some great views into the grittier unberbelly of academic life. Amongst other things, I've discovered John Updike.

12 January, 2014
Back in Lawrence, gearing up for the semester. The next few months are decision time, so apprehensive as well as anxiously looking forward to it. Teaching begins next week.

21 March, 2014
End of spring break, it's been a pretty intense semester so far in mathematical and career terms. I've started the departure process (paperwork, blah blah). Thankfully the harsh winter's receding. Eagerly looking forward to going back home, about a month to go!

20 January, 2016
It's been quite some time since I've updated this part of my homepage. I'm back to the regular semester duties after a really hectic winter break involving several conferences, winter schools and of course personal visits.
I was in and out of Chennai and Mumbai and also visited other places in Maharashtra. Looking forward to a relatively calmer semester.

13 February, 2017
An year since this was updated. I got back to the regular semester duties after a hectic yet enjoyable winter break. The month since in Chennai has been completely crazy. But things seem to be settling down now. Looking forward to a relatively calmer semester hereon.

22 July, 2017
I returned back from a very enjoyable and productive trip in the summer. Looking forward to some academics during the current semester.





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