"Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught." - Oscar Wilde















Industry Experiences:


I am actively looking for industry collaborators to undertake research and development at various levels.


I have collaborated with companies such as Tata Steel Advacned Materials Research Centre, Titan, Saint Gobain Research India (SGRI), Reliance Petrochemical, and Micromatic Grinding Technologies.


In the past, I have worked with Rolls Royce Singapore for about 6 years on projects dealing with process development. We develop tooling and process conditions for both repair and new product surface modification in marine and aerospace areas.


I worked in the automotive industry for 3 years (Hayes Lemmerz International Inc, USA). I pretty much spent my entire time in the manufacturing shop floor trouble shooting machining processes, improving yield, improving fixturing of parts.


Fixture design: My MS thesis was co-sponsored by industry - a machine tool builder. Involved intelligent fixture design for fixturing a family of automotive cylinder heads. The project involved automating part placement in fixture without the need for qualifying features. The work was done to incorporate the fixture into a manufacturing cell making automotive cylinder heads.


Hardened steel machining: At Georgia Tech (USA) I was involved in a project with Caterpillar to improve the sub-surface integrity of machining hardened steel. Tested the use of rotary cutting tools and their effect on white layer formation in machining hard bearing steels.