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The research activities of my group are based upon the understanding of the process, reactions, reaction mechanism and associated kinetics, thermodynamics and mass and heat transfer controlled transport phenomena in high-temperature processes realted to ferrous as well as non-ferrous extraction. The research covers mathematical modeling of high temperature industrial process as well as their validation with the plant data by fundamental as well as data-based/AI based approaches which can help to design, optimize and control the existing as well as new processes.

Research Interests:

  • Process modeling, control and optimization of  iron and steelmaking
  • Computational thermodynamics and its application to high temperature metallurgical processes.
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence (ANN, GA) to metallurgical processes.
  •  Heat and Mass Transfer.
  •  Extractive Metallurgy
  • Computer Aided Process engineering (CAPE) 

Virtual Simulation Laboratory using METSIM