Details of PhD guidance

Subramaniam P

Graduated(PhD 2015)

Effect of physico-chemical properties on cyclic response of soils

Balu George

Graduated (PhD 2018)-Joint guidance

Axial capacity of helical pile installed in cohesionless soil

Swagatika Senapati

Graduated(2019)-Joint Guidance

Effect of physico-chemical properties on cyclic response of soils.

Dhanya J S

Graduated(2019)-Joint Guidance

A method of passive base isolation using sand-rubber tyre scrap mixture .

Jyothsna V

Graduated(2019)-Joint Guidance

Effect of liquid limit on the cyclic degradation of remoulded clay

Madhusudhan B R

Thesis submitted-Joint Guidance

Cyclic response of sand-rubber tyre scrap mixture.

Azneb Abdul Salam

Thesis submitted-Joint Guidance

Modeling of excavation and support system in soft clay using cement grouting.

Ramon Varghese

Ongoing-Joint Guidance

Seismic soil-pile-raft interactions.

Ravi Shankar


Response of plate anchors embedded in geosynthic reinforced soil.

Priya Beena Sudevan

Ongoing-Joint Guidance

Liquefaction counter measures for underground structures.

Sona Gokuldas


Effect of piling on adjacent tunnels.

Dinesh N

Ongoing-Joint Guidance

Advanced constitutive modelling for analysis of liquefaction.

Monica Joseph


Seismic response of MSE walls.

Balaji P

Graduated (MS 2014)

Effect of anisotropy on nonlinear behavior of Indian marine clay subjected to earthquake/cyclic loading.

Senthen Amuthan M

Graduated(MS 2018)-Joint Guidance

Liquefaction resistance of sand-rubber tyre scrap mixture.


Details of MTech project guidance


Name of the student

Topic of research

Degree awarded


Omprakash N Shirole

Numerical analysis of  soil-pile  system  subjected  to cyclic lateral loading                    

July 2012


Minu Joy

Seismic analysis of soil � pile system

July 2013


Sreenadh M

Critical state parameters of cement-treated clay

July 2014


Deepthi G

Small  strain  behavior  of cement-treated clay

July 2014


Sudheer S Prabhu (Jointly with Prof K Rajagopal)      

Finite  element  analysis  of  soil liquefaction

July 2015


Nagaraju M     

Pull-out behaviour of square anchor plates in soft clay with geosynthetic reinforcement           

July 2016


Jagadish B Biradar       

Cyclic response of square anchor plates in reinforced soft clay

July 2017


Md. Habibulla (jointly with Prof J Murali Krishna)

Analysis of liquefaction

May 2019


Anusree k V

Seismic response analysis of reinforced earth walls

June 2020


Arun M George

Three dimensional finite element analysis of square plate anchor embedded in reinforced soft clay

June 2020


Md. Abin A

Performance of square footing on reinforced geo-base isolation system under cyclic loading

June 2020