Current Scholars
  • Vivek Puliyeri
  • Ph.D scholar
  • Research interests: Fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics for flow past bank of elliptic cylinders
  • Email: vivekpuliyeri [at]
Postdoc Mentoring
Name Period Research Area Current Position
Deepak Selvakumar R Feb. 2021 - Jul. 2021 Electrohydrodynamics Research Professor, Chung-Ang University, South Korea
Sreenivasan Apr. 2017 - Mar. 2020 Heat transfer Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of California Merced
Ph.D - Completed
Name Year Thesis Co-guidance Current Position
K. Sreekesh 2022 Effect of rib modification on internal cooling of turbine blade Prof. Danesh K. Tafti, Virginia Tech., USA Post doc, Clarkson University, NY, USA
S. Deepthi 2022 Vertical force generation and vortex dynamics of inclined stroke plane flapping - Fluid Simulation Programmer, University of West England, Bristol, UK
Manabendra M De 2020 Aerodynamics of flapping wings subjected to gust Dr. J. S. Mathur, NAL, Bangalore Scientist, NAL
J. Poornima 2016 Dynamics of an occluding gas bubble through bifurcating micro-channel - Social Entrepreneur, Mumbai
N. Sekarapandian 2015 Development of novel compact finite difference scheme for incompressible flows - M/s SABIC; Faculty, VIT
M. B. Shyam Kumar 2013 Numerical Investigation of flow interference due to square cylinders with and without rounded corners
[Prof.V.Ramamurti Award for best PhD thesis of the dept. for the year 2013]
- Faculty, VIT
Chitra Murali 2010 An investigation into the haemodynamics of cavopulmonary vascular system Prof. T. Soundararajan, ME Newton Fellow, UK (Post-doc); Entrepreneur
A. Lankadasu 2009 DNS and LES of planar shear flow past square cylinder - CFD Developer, M/s Fluidyn
M.S - Completed
Name Year Thesis Co-guidance Current Position
Yashwant M 2022 Numerical investigations of the performance of a LOX rocket pump under cavitation Prof. Dhiman Chatterjee, ME Wells Research Engineer, Exxonmobil
S. Deepthi 2022 Vertical force generation and vortex dynamics of inclined stroke plane flapping - Fluid Simulation Programmer, University of West England, Bristol, UK
Aneesh Mohanan 2020 Flow and heat transfer from elliptic tube bundles Prof. BVSSS. Prasad, ME M/s QUEST Global, Bangalore
Himanshu Mishra 2020 Multiple hold up solutions and linear stability analysis in a two-layered channel with a slippery walls Prof. Anubhab Roy, AM PMRF PhD scholar, IITM
Rahul Subburaj 2018 Interaction of flow past different rigid bodies with an air-water interface - PhD scholar, TU Eindhoven
Prashant Kandelwal 2018 Influence of fluid-fluid interface on the wake of rigid bodies - M/s TCS – Engineering, Hyderabad
Saurav Kumar 2018 The effect of fin in heat transfer enhancement in separated flow over a backward facing step - M/s Renault Nissan
Venkat Narayanan 2018 Numerical study on wall proximity effects on flow past a cylinder with a flexible filament Prof. K. Murali, OE M/s Dassault systems, Pune
Sandeep N Naik 2017 Numerical Study of fluid flow past a rotating elliptic cylinder Prof. Arul Prakash, AM M/s Mercedes Benz, Bangalore
Srinidhi N. G. 2017 Ground Effect on Tandem Flapping Wings Hovering - Post doc, University of Twente, Netherlands
Krishne Gowda 2016 Influence of ground effect on the aerodynamics of insect hovering in inclined stroke plane - PhD scholar, KTH, Sweden
Sakthivel 2013 Estimation of hydrodynamic coefficients of an AUV bare hull by using CFD approach Prof. SK Bhattacharyya, OE
K. Karthik 2013 CFD Approach to the prediction of flow noise in turbulent boundary layer Prof. SK Bhattacharyya, OE PhD scholar, IITM
Shaafi Mohamed 2013 Wall proximity effects on wake interference of circular cylinders - PhD scholar, TU Netherlands (Shell India Fellow)
P. Immanuvel 2013 Effect of axis ratio and incidence on fluid flow and heat transfer around elliptic cylinders Prof. Arul Prakash, AM Faculty, Newcastle University, UK
Gomatam Sreekar 2013 Static and dynamic maneuver tests on an AUV using CFD -
S.Kalyana Raman 2013 Fluid flow and heat Transfer over an elliptic cylinder using immersed boundary method Prof. Arul Prakash, AM M/s GM
Sreedevi Radhakrishnan 2012 Studies on the dynamic coefficients of modified wedge control surface Prof. V. Idichandy, OE PhD scholar, IITM
U. K. Jha 2012 CFD analysis on the performance of small size centrifugal fans Prof. BVSSS. Prasad, ME Faculty, New Delhi
Y. Sudhakar 2009 Aerodynamics of flapping insect wings in inclined stroke plane hovering - Faculty, IIT Goa
G. Seeta Ratnam 2007 Performance of two-equation eddy viscosity models for predictions of flow and heat transfer characteristics for a wall mounted cube - M/s Ansys Fluent
T. Ayyappan 2006 Influence of wall on vortex shedding from a bluff body - M/s Ambigai Consultants, Chennai
K. Sharat Chandra 2005 Acoustic Analysis of Perforated mufflers using Computational Fluid Dynamics Prof. P. Chandramouli, ME TCS, shifted out
M.Tech - Completed
Name Year Thesis Co-guidance
Devendra Yadav 2021 Insect Aerodynamics -
Mohamed Ashfaq 2016 A computational fluid dynamic study on a row of circular jets impinging on a rotating concave surface -
Sivashankar 2015 Numerical investigation on a liquid jet in cross-flow -
Anji Reddy 2014 Fluid flow computations using multi-grid and MPI techniques -
K. Sharma 2014 To study flow and heat transfer over backward facing step with square cylinder placed inside using higher order compact finite difference scheme Prof. YVSS. Sanyasi Raju, MA
Hariom Sharma 2013 Two-dimensional laminar flow and heat transfer across a square cylinder mounted inside a plane channel Prof. YVSS. Sanyasi Raju, MA
Vinay 2013 Combined effect of plane wall and vortex generator in flow and heat transfer characteristics of a flow over circular cylinder -
Biswajit Panik 2012 Primary atomization of jet in sub-sonic crossflow – experimental and numerical study Prof. Satya Chkaravarthy, AE
Soumya Ranjan Sahu 2010 Effect of counter-clockewise injection on vortex stability in TVC -
C. Sony 2009 Enhanced vortex stability in TVC -
S. Shashidhar 2008 Extension of computational aeroacoustics code to implicit CFD scheme -
Elisetty Dhananjaya 2008 A Novel-Fourth Order Pade Scheme for unsteady incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Prof. YVSS. Sanyasi Raju, MA
Nandakumar 2008 Reacting flow analysis of TVC -
P. Vamsi 2007 Development of CFD code using immersed boundary method -
P. Selvanganesh 2007 Cold flow analysis of TVC using two equation turbulence model
[Award for best M.Tech thesis]
J. Mohan Rao 2004 Large eddy simulation of flow over a rough surface aerofoil Prof. BVSSS. Prasad, ME
DD - Completed
Name Year Thesis Co-guidance
Sambit Mishra 2020 Application of neural networks for physics-based problems -
Remil Mustaq 2017 Linear stability analysis Prof. Anubhab Roy, AM
Amulya 2017 Cable Strumming Prof. Murali, OE
Ruttala Vinay Kumar 2016 Experimental investigation on the suppression of cable strumming with fairings using particle image velocimetry Prof. Murali, OE
Sandeep Reddy 2015 Performance analysis of OWC in cylindrical shell Prof. Murali, OE
Parichay Garg 2015 Investigation on vocal fold aerodynamics Prof. Ramakrishnan, AM