The Team


Dr. Shaswat Saincher
Institute Postdoc
Developed the in-house code IITM-RANS3D. It is a three-dimensional, VOF-based multiphase Navier-Stokes model for fluid-structure and wave-structure interaction problems. The code is parallelized using MPI and hybridized with the potential code: IITM-FNPT2D. Capable of simulating interactions between waves and complex fixed and/or moving structures in a large domain. 
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PhD Scholars (Pursuing)

Mr. Vineesh P
Mr. Shagun Agarwal
Research in particle-based methods, Boussinesq-type models and hybrid modelling. Other research interests include underwater robotics, parallel programming and storm-surge modelling.
Mr. Harish S
Joint PhD (with RWTH Aachen)
Mr. Sithik A
Joint PhD (ECN France)
Mr. Shashank
Mr. Mainak Chakraborty
Working on the development of accessing tool for sediment transport and maintaining river bank erosion in inland waterways.
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Mrs. Divya R

Development of 3D wave - porous structure modelling in the particle method

Mrs. Golda Percy
Research work on structures that can dissipate the tsunami and storm surges. 
Mrs. Jemi Jeya

Research on pile supported breakwater

Mr. Sandana Socrates

Hydrodynamic study on the integration of oscillating water column with coastal structure

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Mr. Manish

MS Scholars (Pursuing)

Mr. Lakshman
Mr. Nethaji
Mr. John
MS (Project)
Experimental study on extreme wave interaction with vegetation belt.

Graduated PhD Students

Dr. Manoj Kumar G
Presently @ Univ. of Delaware, USA.

Contributed and developed Hybrid Numerical Model.


Dr. Rijas A.S.
Presently @ Technip Inc., India

Contributed in variable particle resolution in particle method. 

Dr. Ravindar Rajendran
Presently @ Project Officer, IITM.

Contributed in understanding the wave impacts on coastal structure and scale effects in models.

Dr. Syed Hassan
Joining @ Univ. of Dublin, Ireland.

Contributed in understanding wave breaking criteria, wind-wave interactions. Developments in HoS.

Graduated MS Students

Mrs. Shruti C
Presently @ Worley Parsons.

During her MS, worked on Wave impact on the jacket structure.

Mr. Nandakumar
Presently @ Technip Inc., India

During his MS, worked on the bed shear stress under waves - experiments and numerical modelling.

Mrs. Divya Ramesh
Pursuing PhD @ IIT Madras

During her MS worked on the development of porous modelling in particle methods.

Mr. Aditya K
Pursing PhD @ University of Alberta, Canada.