Sponsored Research and Consultancy Projects

  • Principal-investigator: Flow induced Vibrations in Aerofoil cross section tube arrays (Sponsored by ISIRD, IIT Kharagpur) (Rs.0.5 lakhs) (1995-1997).

  • Co-investigator : Vibration control of flexible rotors by Active Magnetic Bearings (Sponsored by Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi, India) (Rs.10.48 lakhs) (1996-1999).

  • Principal Investigator: Development of Software Package for Dynamic Analysis and Condition Monitoring of Rotors (Sponsored by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, India) (Rs. 6.50 Lakhs) (1998 - 2001).

  • Co-investigator and Lab. Incharge : Modernisation of Machine Dynamics Laboratory (Sponsored by MHRD, New Delhi, India) (Rs.14.0 lakhs) (1998-1999).

  • Principal Investigator: Estimation of damping and Analysis of Damage Effects in Composite Rotors (AR& DB, New Delhi, India) (Rs. 11.65 Lakhs) ( 2008-2011 ).

  • Principal Investigator: Fault identification and condition monitoring of rotating machinery using laser based measurements – (DST, India) (40.5 lakhs) (2007-2011).

  • Co-Investigator: CFD analysis of leakage flows through labyrinth seals, tip shroud seal, platform gaps and stator-rotor gaps for varying GT engine conditions. (Sponsored by GTRE) (Rs.18.59 lakhs) (2010-2013).

  • Principal Investigator: The vibration based technique for Fatigue shaft crack detection and Life estimation of rotors, (CSIR), 22.67 lakhs, (2012-2015).

  • Co-Investigator: Effect of Retained Austenite on Rolling contact fatigue life of AISI 52100 Bearing Steel, (DST), 39.76 lakhs, (2014-17).

  • Co-investigator: Dynamic analysis of tip-shrouded turbine blades,(DRDO)- (32.4 Lakhs) (2017-2019) under DRDO– Centre of Propulsion Technology (Copt),70 Crores.

  • Co-investigator: UAY Project : Development of Fuel Flex Microturbine for Clean Power; 10.01 Crores, (2017 To 2020).

  • Principal Investigator: In-situ Condition Monitoring of O-ring ($ 25,000) ( 2020-2021 ), Lam Research Corporation, USA.

Research Based Industrial Consultancy (RBIC)

  • Study of torsional vibrations of Power train of a Dump Truck (BEML)(Rs.5.13Lakhs)(2011-13).

  • Study of turbine blade vibrations, (BHEL) (Rs. 8.00Lakhs) (2012-14).

  • Design, Development and validation of algorithm for usage monitoring functions to predict remaining usage life of Helicopter gears., (HAL) (Rs. 47,61 Lakhs)(2020-22).


  • Assembling and Testing of Precision Motion System, RAANA Semiconductors Private Limited, (06-09-2018 To 10-03-2019).

  • Development of processes for manufacturing and Prototyping of precision motion system -RAANA Semiconductors Private Limited (16-04-2018 To 15-08-2018).

  • Sesmic withstand Tests of CTs, Circuit Breakers of different companies such as BHEL, Areva, Siemens ltd (2006 - till date).

  • Performance Testing of V- type & T- type Hydrostatic Bearing modules M/s Zetatek Industries ltd, Balanagar, Hyderabad, (2008).

  • Analysis of Slew ring bearings, Tuticorin port trust, Tuticorin, (2008).

  • Evaluation of Chinese make Ball bearing 6306, M/s Fenner India limited, Chennai, (2009).

  • Differential cross - tribological and material analysis, M/s Tractors And Farm Equipment Ltd (TAFE), Chennai, (2009-10).

  • CFD and Vibration analysis for duct system, M/S ALSTOM Projects India Limited, Noida, Delhi, (2009).

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