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Though administration is an integral part of education, I am a bit averse to it; my personal taste. It so happened I could not refuse the responsibility of JEE. In 2010, I took the responsibility of organizing vice-chairman of JEE. Then there was no escape. In 2011, I did the job of vice-chairman again, and in 2012, I managed the JEE job as chairman. I have been a member of many confidential committees; but I canot mention them here!

Some other topics relevant to education, that you may not have found in other sections, are here. Please feel free to browse through this section.

During my career as a teacher I had guided many students for their research work. The works that led to Ph.D. degree were carried out in collaboration with the respective students. The works for the M.Phil. degree were usually survey of literature with some work-outs done by the students. I had but a little contribution in terms of the work-outs. Basically I had to suggest the body of relevant literature, and then help in working out the details so as to put the matter in a unified and coherent manner. The guidance involved in M.Sc. focuses more in letting the student understand and present a topic centred arround four to five papers. Here are the respective lists:

    The following persons were awarded Ph.D. degree under my guidance.

  1. Student: M. Ravibabu
    Topic: New Algorithms to compute Eigenpairs of Large Matrices, Awarded degree in 2016
  2. Student: S.Surya Prasath
    Topic: Image Processing and PDEs, Awarded degree in 2010
  3. Student: Jajati K Sahoo
    Topic: Mathematical learning Theory, Awarded degree in 2010
  4. Student: M.K.Rout
    Topic: Computing Prime Implicates of First Order Formulas, Awarded degree in 2005
  5. Student: S.Sheela
    Topic: Regularization of Singularly Perturbed Elliptic PDEs, Awarded degree in 2003

I do not like travelling. During travel, I must be worrying about my documents, mode of travel, paucity of time, and what to eat, safeguarding my money and the baggage. In return, I would get experience, which I usually forget within six months. Nonetheless, I travelled, may be, just to understand that it does not worth.

During both the visits, I came to learn that we must improve atleast on three counts:

  • General Hygiene
    I saw how well their roads are maintained and how well they dispose of garbage.
  • Self Respect
    Students there never copy their homework from a friend.
  • Seriousness and involvement in one's work
    In India, a common complain of the wives to their husbands, (I am fortunate not to have experienced it.) is -- `Only you are working for this much salary, or others are also working?. Look at so and so. He is also working in your office, but see how is he able to manage devoting his office time to his family.' This is our crime. On the other hand, our work environment is also equally a case for improvement. In general, the joke from a Tamil film may be cited -- 'One who works, loves his work, so he gets more work. One who does not work, gets promotion.' In general, one who does his intended job is considered a donkey, and one who gets around it, thus getting more from the society than his contribution to it, is considered intelligent. This social superstition must go.
University of Kaiserslautern, Germany : The department of Mathematics, IIT Madras wanted to start the M.Tech. programme in Industrial Mathematics. It sent me to the University of Kaiserslautern for obtaining first hand experience of a similar program which was being run quite successfully under the guidance of Professor H. Neunzert. I visited the university during May 05 to July 12, 1998. Delivered a lecture at the university and learnt a bit of Industrial Mathematics. The work environment was excellent. Just to mention, and not to offend any, I was not very much impressed by the programme. The sort of work that was being done over there were being done by our engineering departments here. So I could not appreciate their being done in a mathematics department.

Macquarie University, Australia : One of my old friends, Abhaya Nayak is currently working in Macquarie University as a faculty in the Division of Computing. His work focusses on belief revision in propositional logic. He wanted me to have some collaborative work on the topic and also visit their `Intelligent Systems' group. Moreover, Professor Norman Foo of University of New South Wales has adopted my book `Logics for Computer Science' as one of the texts for his course on logic. This invitation from Abhaya gave me a chance to meet Professor Foo. During October 08 to December 18, 2005 I visited Macquarie University. During this visit, I met Professor Foo of University of New South Wales, Professor Abdul Sattar of Griffith University, Professor Sanjay Chawla at University of Sydney, and Professor Aditya Ghosh of University of Wollogong. I also visited NICTA at Brisbane. I saw their manner of work. The work environment is excellent. However, the focus of work is slowly changing its direction from academics to business.

I had delivered invited talks in many conferences, at the respective departments of institutions other than my place of employment, and to the participants of short-term courses. The topics range from basic mathematics to research topics. In every year, I have delivered at least two talks in conferences, and four talks in institutions (other than IIT Madras). I had presented researcgh papers in many conferences; but that happened before 2000. After 2000, I had stopped paper presentations at conferences. Somehow, I found that I gained nothing by such activities. (please excuse me for this Idiosyncrasy). Almost every year I attended MTTS (Mathematics Training and Talent search) or similar month long mathematics teaching as a resident faculty, and delivered at least one talk (mathematical) at workshops held for school children.

I am a life member of the following professional bodies:

  • Indian Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ISIAM)
  • Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE)
  • Ramanujan Mathematical Society (RMS)
  • Indian Mathematical Society (IMS)
  • The Association of Mathematics Teachers of India (AMTI)
  • Orissa Mathematical Society (OMS)

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