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I am a professor in the Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai (India).

I typically teach courses related to Logic, Theory of Computation, Linear Algebra, Numerical analysis, and Differential Equations. My research interests include Knowledge Compilation, Singular Perturbation, Mathematical Learning Theory, Image Processing, and Numerical Linear Algebra. All are related to Computational Mathematics.

I enjoy teaching more than doing research; thus for me, research is a means to make myself fit for teaching. Though I do not like to use any particular method, I am attracted towards Moore's method, albeit, in a softer way. I gain much by interacting with students and ofcourse, they gain more than what they might have anticipated. Over the years, I came to believe in the maxim of Lebesgue -- `Think in front of students', as often quoted by S.Kumaresan (see MTTS on the left). This does not mean 'no preparation on my part'. On the contrary, interaction with students requires much more preparation than one does for usual 'one way' lectures.


To get information about mathematics olympiads and scholaships click this link. It has been compiled by Prof. Vijayakumar of Cochin University.


The image on the right is my photograph taken in 2004. I look a bit older now; but at least young in the photograph!

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