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In the November 2022 - February 2023 semester, I am teaching

MA1101     Functions of Several Variables
It is a compulsory course for B.Tech. first semester students.

Classnotes and other material for this course are available in IITM moodle site.

Taught in Recent Past

  • B.Tech.   MA1101, MA1102, MA1010, MA1020, MA2020, MA2030, MA2040, MA2130, MA6190
  • M.Tech.   MA5800, MA5760
  • M.Sc.     MA5830, MA5060, MA5240, MA6200 (In Old Syllabi)
  • Ph.D.     MA7330
The subjects are:
    Linear Algebra
    Numerical Analysis
    Differential Equations
    Theory of Computation
    Discrete Mathematics
    Data Structures
    Graph Theory

See Extras section for my views on research and teaching.

As a pre-requisite to MA1101, you need one variable calculus; it is here.

Classnotes for the courses MA1101, MA1102, MA2020, MA2030 are available; contact me if you need any of these.


My NPTEL video on Mathematical Logic is here.
In fact, this was very easy for me to make. I just took all classes for MA6190 in July-Nov 2012 in the NPTEL studio. So, it is in no way perfect. And my thoughts of many topics I discussed there have changed in course of time. You may refer to the second edition of my book Logics For Computer Science for the updated ideas.


The image on the top right is Professor Dumbledore.

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