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S No. Name of the Scholar Title of the Thesis Co-guide Course & Year of completion Current Affiliation
1. Mr. P Suya Prem Anand Grindability of bio ceramic material - PhD (2018) -
2. Mr. Jibin G. John Improved Surface Roughness Characterization of Machined Surfaces Using Machine Vision - M.S. (2017) -
3. Mr. Kuna Tulasi Kumar Prognostics model for tool life prediction in milling using texture features of surface image data - M.Tech (2014) -
4. Mr. Arun P Das Electromechanical impedance based health monitoring of turning tool using pzt sensor - M.Tech (2015) -
5. Mr. Madhav Dubey Development of prognostic model for armoured vehicle barrel life estimation - M.Tech (2015) -
6. Mr. R Karthikeyan Development of prognostic model for armour vehicle barrel life estimation - M.Tech (2015) -
7. Mr. Chitti Babu Golla A study on coolant life management for grinding operations - M.Tech (2015) -
8. Mr. Ananda Pramanik A comprehensive experimental investigation of machinability of 6061/sic/30p/50 mmc in end milling using tiain coated carbide tool and pcd tool - M.Tech (2015) -
9. Mr. Vishnu Nath S Ananlytical modeling and experimental investigation of fluid jet polishing of optical components for nano level surface genration - M.Tech (2015) -
10. Ms. G. V. Bhanu Teja Investigation on optical techniques for surface roughness measurement and characterisation Dr. S. Soundarapandian M.Tech (2015) -
11. Mr. P. Prudhvi Raj Assessing the performance of solgel alumina based grinding wheels using multi sensory based approach - M.Tech (2015) -
12. Mr. G Sai Kumar Alok Raj Finte element simulation of carbon fiber reinforced plastic composites drilling process - M.Tech (2016) -
13. Mr. A P Singh Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Heavy Duty Vehicle Engine Oil Degradation Using Chemical Properties - M.Tech (2018) -
14. Mr. Ritesh Bisht Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicle Engine Lubrication Oil Degradation Using Physical Properties of Oil - M.Tech (2018) -
15. Mr. Giri Tarun Evaluation of acoustic noise of different machine tools and assesing its usefulness for tool condition monitoring - Dual Degree (2014) -
16. Mr. O V Ravindra Machinability Studies of Al/Al2O3 metal matrix composite using diamond and TiN coated tools - Dual Degree (2014) -
17. Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwal Super resolution based image enhancement technique for improved surface roughness using machine vision - Dual Degree (2014) -
18. Mr. Amruth Kumar Hegde Study of Effect of Process Parameters and a Wheel Condition and Grand Hardening - Dual Degree (2015) -
19. Mr. Ananthapadmanabhan P Prognostics model for estimation of remaining useful life of an end milling cutter using cutting force signal analysis - Dual Degree (2015) -
20. Mr. Kalyan Vasu Alwala Hybrid Perception Planner for Scene Recognition Robotic System - Dual Degree (2016) -
21. Mr. Akshay Nemade Texture properties of machined surfaces: extraction and classification - Dual Degree (2016) -
22. Mr. Prashant Gavit Adaptive dome light system for machine vision application Dr. G. L. Samuel Dual Degree (2016) -
23. Mr. Rohit R. Salunke Material recognition using colour, surface background reflectance and texture information - Dual Degree (2016) -
24. Mr. Naveen Baskaran N Prediction of Chatter in Cylindrical Grinding - Dual Degree (2017) -
25. Mr. Roshin Jacob Johnson Development of Diagnostics and Prognostics Model for Mechanical Systems - Dual Degree (2017) -
26. Mr. Bhagyesh Chaturvedi Characterization of drilling-induced damage in GFRP Honeycomb Sandwich Composites - Dual Degree (2018) -
27. Mr. Aakash Chawla Data-driven methods for Grinding Wheel Redress Life Estimation Dr. Sundararajan Natarajan Dual Degree (2018) -
28. Mr. Ameer Basha Shaik Real Time Sensor Data Driven Prognostic Models for Estimation of Wear of Milling Inserts - Dual Degree (2018) -
29. Mr. Sushilkumar Bharpure A Study on the performance of textured cutting tools in machining of Inconel 718 - B.Tech (2015) -
30. Mr. G. Giri Prasad Finite element analysis model to estimate temperature distribution in a solar photovoltaic module - B.Tech (2015) -
31. Mr. Kishore K Bearing prognostics using vibration data - B.Tech (2015) -
32. Mr. Kota Abhilash Reddy Modeling & analysis of the effect of environmental factors on solar irradiance received by a solar photovoltaic module - B.Tech (2015) -
33. Mr. M. Sai Vinayak Analytical model for estimating the sauter mean diameter of droplets for a MQL machining - B.Tech (2015) -
34. Mr. Santhosh Kumar V Physics based modeling of bond formation in the fused deposition modeling of ABS plastic material - B.Tech (2015) -
35. Mr. Ch. Durga Ajith Gupta A study of electro-less nickel coated alumina abrasive particles - B.Tech (2016) -
36. Mr. Rohan Gandhi Vechicular Control Dr. Ramkrishna B.Tech (2018) -
37. Mr. G. Theerath Reddy Optimization of grinding process for sustainability - B.Tech (2016) -
38. Mr. Govinda Kumar Classification of surface textures using image based approach - B.Tech (2016) -
39. Ms. Yashwanthi I Material identification using machine vision - B.Tech (2016) -
40. Ms. Nandu S Prognostics model for tool life prediction in milling using texture surface image data - B.Tech (2016) -
41. Mr. P. Varun Kumar Naik A theoretical study on the double sided face grinding process with grooved grinding wheel - B.Tech (2016) -
42. Mr. P. Ajay Chandra Design of MR fluid assisted burnishing tool and analystical model for roughness of ball burnished surface - B.Tech (2016) -
43. Mr. Rinkesh Virani Prognostics model for tool life estimation in milling process using current sensors - B.Tech (2016) -
44. Mr. Vimal Aditya V Development of thermal predictive model for laser assisted machining of aluminium silicon carbide - B.Tech (2016) -
45. Mr. Yash Bhole Grinding wheel sound recognition for redress life estimation - B.Tech (2016) -
46. Mr. T K Balasaravanan Development of a model system of Internet Of Things enabled CNC milling machine Dr. Ravindran B.Tech (2016) -
47. Ms. V C Keertana Estimation of drilling induced damage of carbon fiber reinforced plastic using electro-mechanical impedance measurements - B.Tech (2016) -
48. Mr. Amarnath M Parametric study of fiber laser interaction with graphite - B.Tech (2016) -
49. Mr. Vaddi PavanKumar Gearbox Prognostics - B.Tech (2017) -
50. Mr. P Jyothigna Bharath Chandra Metal Identification using Sound Signatures - B.Tech (2017) -
51. Mr. Akhil Ashok Chatter Prediction For Thin Walled Milling - B.Tech (2017) -
52. Mr. Suneel Kumar Matham Development of system and method for IoT enabled intelligent CNC milling machine - B.Tech (2017) -
53. Mr. B. Chandra Sekhar Development of system and method for IoT enabled intelligent CNC milling machine - B.Tech (2017) -
54. Mr. Metta Kalyan Venkat Development of system and method for IoT enabled intelligent CNC milling machine - B.Tech (2017) -
55. Mr. K. Akhil Prognostics Model for Remaining Life Estimation of Turning Inserts - B.Tech (2018) -
56. Mr. Parth Talati Sensor-driven prognostic models for equipment replacement and spare parts inventory - B.Tech (2018) -
57. Mr. Kavan Amin Sensor-Driven Prognostic Models for Equipment Replacement and Spare Parts Inventory - B.Tech (2018) -
58. Mr. Anand T S Ultrasonic assisted functional work rest blade for improved surface finish in centreless grinding - B.Tech (2018) -