M. Ravichandran

Development Leader, AmadaSoft Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India

MS Thesis:Evaluation of Stress Intensity Factors for an Interface crack in Bi-Material Using Digital
                    Photoelasticity, 2004
ravimuthu [at]

Prashant Patil

Technical Specialist, Geometric Ltd., Chennai, India

MS Thesis: Study of four step phase shifting techniques in digital photoelasticity, 2006
plpatil [at]

Ramya Chandrasekharan

Divisional Manager, Detect Technologies Pvt Ltd, IITM Research Park, Chennai, India

Project Officer
  • Contact stress parameter evaluation using digital photoelasticity, IIT(M)- ISRO Cell, 2014 –2017
  • Development of a robust and user friendly software package for white light based stress analysis using digital photoelasticity, INAE, 2015-2016
bhuvsunny [at]

Sanjay Kumar Mangal

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engg. Department, Punjab Engineering College, India

Ph.D. Thesis: Data Acquisition In Digital Photoelasticity By Phase-shifting Techniques, 2000
skmangal_pec [at]

Shiva prasad B

Senior CAE Analyst, Mercedes Benz R&D India, Bengaluru, India

MTech Thesis: Digital Image Correlation Technique And Its Application To Fracture Mechanics
                         , 2013
mechshivaprasad [at]
Distinctions after stint at IIT Madras
   Recipient of BMSCE American Alumni Association (AAA) merit scholarship
   Recipient of Kumara Vyasa Award and Chanakya Award
   Recipient of Sarala Kumari Award