Alumni (current status)

S No. Name of the Scholar Title of Thesis Course & Year of completion Current Affiliation
1. Mr. Gnana Saurya Vankayalapati Effect of Nanoparticles on Tribological properties – Engine Lubrication Dual degree (2017) Joined Ph.D
2. Mr. Nayani Tejeshwar Reddy Study the effects of Solid lubricant (CNT), on tribological properties of a Cu/SiC hybrid composite brake material Dual degree (2017)
3. Mr. Shubham Kale White Etching Cracks (WEC’s) in Wind Turbine Gearbox Bearing" (Recreation and analysis of WEC's in wind turbine gearbox bearing using a novel methodology in laboratory conditions). Dual degree (2017)
4. Mr. M Pranay Kumar Film Thickness Measurement on Pin on Disc Tribometer Dual degree (2018)
5. Mr. Bommidi Sai Nagender Reddy Effect of Solid Lubricants (MoS2) on tribological properties of Cu/SiC hybrid composite brake friction material Dual degree (2018)
6. Mr. Praveen kumar verma Design and Development of a Modified DS Setup for Hydrogen Uptake Evalaution from Lubricated Tribocontact Dual degree (2018)
7. Mr. Prasanth B Menon Study of Feasibility of Titanium Nitride Coating on Ball Bearing M.Tech (2018) Project Associate, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras.
8. Mr. Linto Davis Recreation of White Etching Cracks on Bearing using Synthetic Gear oil on Modified Pin-on-Disc Tribometer M.Tech (2018) Joined Ph.D
9. Mr. Ravi Raja Naik B Design and Development of Linear High speed Reciprocating Tribometer M.Tech (2018)
10. Mr. Jadhav Ruturaj Appasaheb To Study Effect of Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) Nano- Particles on Boundary Lubrication M.Tech (2018)
11. Mr. Piyush kumar Feasibility of surface Texturing on Scuffing M.Tech (2018)
12. Mr. Kelkar Vinay Vijay FEM based Wear Modelling and Simulation for Metal - Metal Sliding Contact M.Tech (2018) Eaton Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
13. Mr. Maruti B Patil Multi-objective optimization of gearbox M.S.(2018) Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited, Chennai.
14. Mr. Kunal Kumar Bose Finite Element Method based Sliding Wear Prediction of Metal-on-Metal Tribo-Pair Contacts using Extrapolation Techniques M.S.(2019) Eaton Technologies Pvt.Ltd., Pune.
15. Mr. Abhijith K S Developing Novel Multi-Layer Coating of Nano Silicon Nitride and zirconium with Surface Texture for Hip Implants to Improve Biotribological Performance and Lifespan. Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) (2020) Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at Florida International University
16. Mr. Abhishek Parmar Optimization of Epicyclic Gear Box with Tribology Constraints. M.S. (2020) Micron Technology, Inc.
17. Mr. Sreeraj K Tribological Analysis of White Etching Crack and Extending the Life of Bearing in Wind Turbine Gearbox Ph.D. (2020) R&D Team, ZF Wind Power Coimbatore (India)
18. Mr. Mayank Kumar Study the Effect of Load and Extrapolation Factor on FEM Based Wear Prediction for Metals M.Tech (2020) -

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