Automotive Tribology

  • Diesel Engine Contaminants
  • Nano Lubrication
  • Composite Materials for brake application
  • Surface texture effect in Cylinder Liner / Piston Rings
  • Multi layer coating with textured surface for tribology applications
  • DLC coating of Cylinder Liner / Piston Rings

Wind Turbine Gearbox Bearing Failure

  • White Etching Crack (WEC) Mechanism
  • Coating effect on White Etching Crack (WEC)


  • Gearbox Tribology
  • Gearbox design
  • Gearbox Optimization

Wear Modelling

  • FEM based Wear predication model

Resources available for Testing and Characterization

  • Pin-on-Disc Rig with Temperature Control
  • Low Speed Pin-on-Disc
  • Bearing Fault Daignositics Rig
  • Cylinder Liner / Piston Rings Reciprocating Rig
  • FZG Gear Scuffing test Rig
  • Twin Roller Rig (to come in future)

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 : +91-44-2257-4684