Research Interests

  • Nonlinear dynamics,  Stochastic nonlinear dynamics
  • Stochastic modelling & Uncertainty quantification
  • Dynamics of complex networked systems
  • Data Science & Machine learning in complex dynamical problems
  • Structural reliability & Life prediction
  • System identification & Structural health monitoring
  • Fluid Structure interaction problems
  • Energy harvesting from dynamical systems

Positions available for  PhD students and postdocs

Stochastic bifurcations in nonlinear discontinuous dynamical systems 

We investigate the effects of randomness in the loadings on the dynamical behaviour of discontinuous systems like impacting systems, such as, gears and industrial  heat exchangers.


Stochastic reduced order modelling and uncertainty quantification in rotors

Data based stochastic reduced order models are developed for rotor-blade systems with spatial randomness in the properties.


Uncertainty quantification of microstructutral variability in materials across multiple scales

The focus of this study is on characterizing the microstructure scale heterogeneity in materials across multiple scales, with the objective of developing fatigue life measures.


Nonlinear dynamics and FSI analysis of flappers

The nonlinear dynamics of flexible flappers in flow is a problem in fluid structure interaction and helps  in understanding the dyanmics of swimming fish & flapping of flags. This understanding is used for designing energy harvesters from flows.


Stochastic attractors for dynamical systems

The effects of noise on the attractors and their basins of dynamical systems are studied. Application areas include climate dynamical models.


Dynamics of complex networked systems

Random network theories are used to investigate the dynamics of large ordered complex dynamical systems, such as the growth of a disease or how neuronal network in brains function.


Local and global bifurcations in 3D piecewise smooth discontinuous maps

Bifurcations in higher order piecewise smooth discontinuous maps are investigated and their existence conditions are analysed. Effects of noise on the dynamics is studied. 


Targeted energy transfer using nonlinear energy sinks

We investigate the use of nonlinear energy sinks for targeted energy transfer to improve the effeiciency of harvesting energy in flow based energy harvesters.


Stochastic modelling and analysis of fin buffeting

The study focusses on modelling and analysis of buffeting of tail fin in delta winged aircraft and analysizng for fatigue damage considering the random gust effects due to buffeting.

If you are interested in joining my group as research students or project staff, please contact me by email.

Room No: MSB-229

Mechanical Science Block

Department of Applied Mechanics

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Chennai 600 036 India


Phone: +91 (44) 2257 4055

Fax: +91 (44) 2257 4052 

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