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Prof.Dr.M.Thamban Nair

Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Chennai - 600 036, INDIA
E:mail: mtnair@iitm.ac.in
URL: https://home.iitm.ac.in/mtnair
Phone: (Office) 044-2257 4610

Detailed CV. (Updated: July 2021)

(Mathematical Reviews - Papers and Books: MathSciNet and zbMATH )


  1. Functional Analysis: A First Course , PHI Learning, New Delhi, 2002. (Fourth Print: 2014) Second Edition: 2021
  2. Linear Operator Equations: Approximation and Regulrization , World Scientific, Singapore, May 2009. (see Review by AMS)
  3. Calculus of One Variable , Ane Books Pvt. Ltd. (For typos, see ) Second Edition: 2021
  4. Linear Algebra , Springer, 2018. (see Review by MAA)
  5. Measure and Integration: A First Course , Chapman and Hall/CRC, November 2019.

Papers in Journals, Proceedings, and as Research reports

Family Profile:

I am from a small village called Udma (Udayamangalam) in North Malabar region ( Kasaragod District) of Kerala state. I had my school education in Government High School Udma, and college education (Pre-Degree and B.Sc.) at Goverment College Kasaragod, about 15 kilometers from my village. My interests, other than Mathematics, include philosophy and spirituality.

I lost my father (Chandu Nair) when I was barely 13 years old and my mother (Meloth Parvathi Amma) passed away in August 2017 at the age of 95. I have four sisters (Padmavathi, Parvathi, Karthiayani, Lakshmi) and a brother (Chandra Sekharan); all of them live in different parts of Kasaragod District.

I live in the IIT Campus along with my family. My wife Sunita, is a Professor of Chemistry at SSN College of Engineering (Kalavakkam) about 35 kilometers from IIT Campus. I have two daughters, Priya and Sneha. After her Ph.D & PDF in Bio-Medical Engineering at Arizona State University USA, Priya is with Medtronic as Senior Research Scientist, and Sneha, after completing BE in Bio-Medical Engineering at SSN College of Engineering, turned herself into a professional photographer. .

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  • Entrance Examinations: GATE, JAM , JEE
  • M.Sc. Courses (Notes/Assignments):
    1. Real Analysis
    2. Linear Algebra
    3. Elements of Matrix Theory
    4. Measure and Integration
    5. Complex Analysis
    6. MA6011 (Jan-May: 2020): Topics in Advanced Analysis ; Assignment Sheet
    7. Topics in Advanced Analysis
    8. Functional Analysis
    9. Operator Theory
    10. Fourier Analysis

  • Ph.D Course:
    1. Advanced Mathematical Analysis & Differential Equations
    2. Analysis

  • B.Tech. Courses:
    1. MA1101 (July-Nov: 2019): Calculus of Several Variables Notes ; Assignment-1; Assignment-2
    2. MA1102: Series and Matrices: Notes
    3. MA1010: Calculus-I: Assignments & Notes
    4. MA1020: Calculus-II: Assignments & Notes
    5. MA2010: Complex Variables and Transform Techniques Assignments
    6. MA2031 (Jan-May: 2020): Linear Algebra for Engineers ; Assignment Problems
    7. MA2030: Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis: Moodle [ Assignments & Notes ]
    8. MA2020: Differential Equations: Assignments & Notes

  • Notes (based on some series of lectures):
    1. Advanced Analysis: A Crash Course
    2. Some Topics in Advanced Functional Analysis: A Crash Course
    3. On Controllability of Linear Systems

  • Some questions and anwwers Q-A

    General articles of interest by P.R. Halmos:

    1. How to Talk Mathematics
    2. How to Write Mathematics


    1. Second Edition (2021) of the book: Functional Analysis: A First Course , PHI-Learning, New Delhi.

    2. Calculus of One Variable , Ane Books Pvt. Ltd., Second Edition: 2021.

    3. New BOOK (2019): Measure and Integration: A First Course , Chapman and Hall/CRC, November 2019.

    4. New Book: Linear Algebra, co-authored by A. Singh, , Springer, 2018. (see Review by MAA)

    5. Received B K Master Memorial National Excellence Award 2016 for contributions in the led of higher education, instituted by Udma Educational Trust at a well attended public function on October 24, 2016 at Green Woods Public School auditorium, Palakkunnu, Udma, Kerala

    6. Gave 12th Ganesh Prasad Memorial Award Lecture on 29th December 2015 at the 81st Annula Conference of Indian Mathematical Society, held at VNIT Nagpur.

    7. Took Charge as Head of the Department of Mathematics, IIT Madras, on December 5, 2014.

    8. Fourth Print (2014) of the Book (with corrections incorporated): Functional Analysis: A First Course , PHI-Learning (Formerly: Prentice-Hall of India), New Delhi, 2002. (Review: zbMATH )

    9. Member, Editorial Boaard : Journal of Analysis and Number Theory (Natural Sciences Publishers, USA).

    10. Member, International Scientific Committee for the Symposium on Inverse Problems, Design and Optimization (IPDO-2013), Albi (France), June 26-28, 2013.

    11. NPTEL-Web-Course: Functional Analysis , Aughust 2012.

    12. Member, Editorial Boaard : Journal of Matheamtical Analysis (ISSN 2217-3412)
    13. An iterative method considered by me in the paper: An iterative procedure for solving Riccati equation A_2 R - R A_1 = A_3 + R A_4 R (pdf), Studia Mathematica, Vol. 147 (2001) 15-26,
      has been named as "M.T.Nair Method" by N.B.Uskova in a paper titled "On M.T.Nair Method for Linear Operator Invariant Subspace Construction" , presented to the 12th International Conference of the EWM Association.
      Full paper (in Russian) appeared in the Journal ``Vestnik" Vol. 1, 2005 (see the paper by Uskova in Mathematics Section).