Aerodynamics and Flow-Physics Laboratory (AFPL)

Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras, Chennai, India 600036

Dr. Rinku Mukherjee

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Research Areas 

Applied Aerodynamics

  • Unsteady Aerodynamics of Fixed-Wings
  • Post-Stall Flow Prediction (Steady & Unsteady)
  • Formation Flight
  • Experiments to Implement Post-Stall Flow Control

Low-Speed Aerodynamics 

(In-house Code and CFD(commercial software))

  • Boundary Layer Flows 
  • Boundary Layer Stability (2D and 3D)

High-Speed Aerodynamics 

(Experiment and CFD(commercial software))

  • Transonic Flows past Bluff-Bodies
  • Interaction of Boundary Layers and Shock Waves


Recent Work

Experiments at Post-Stall

Unsteady Experiments

Formation Flight

Transonic Flow Past Bluff Body

Post-Stall Predictive Tool Using Nascent Vortex