Aerodynamics and Flow-Physics Laboratory

Dr. Rinku Mukherjee Associate Professor

Department of Applied Mechanics

IIT Madras, Chennai, India 600036






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Research Areas: Numerical Analysis, CFD, Experiment

Applied Aerodynamics

Video: CFD Animation of Single Pitching Airfoil

Video: CFD Animation of Tandem Pitching Airfoils

Video: Flow past Single Airfoil in Water Tank

Video:Flow past Tandem Airfoils in Water Tank

Video: Wake behind a Pitching 3D Wing from Numerical Analysis

Low-Speed Aerodynamics

Video: Oil Flow Visualization of Flow Past a Wing

High-Speed Aerodynamics

Video: Transonic Flow Past a NASA specified Bluff Body

Video: Transonic Flow Past a Bluff Body with 20deg nose cone without Spike

Video: Transonic Flow Past a Bluff Body with 20deg nose cone WITH Spike

Selected Work

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AIAA 2022-0711: Aritras Roy

AIAA 2022-1978: Ravindra Shirsath

AIAA 2021-1197: Aritras Roy

AIAA 2021-1995: Vasanth G.

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Diary No.: 26770/2021- CO/SW

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Indian Patent Application# 202241034561