Aerodynamics and Flow-Physics Laboratory

Dr. Rinku Mukherjee

Department of Applied Mechanics

IIT Madras, Chennai, India 600036

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Courses Taught by Dr. Rinku Mukherjee

Under Graduate Courses


  1. Engineering Mechanics (AM1100)
  2. Foundations of Fluid Mechanics (AM2530)


  1. Fluid Mechanics Lab (AM2540)

Post Graduate Courses


  1. Advanced Gas Dynamics (AM6550)
  2. Boundary Layer Stability (AM6515)
  3. Introduction to Turbulence (AM5570)
  4. Advanced Fluid Mechanics (AM5530)
  5. Computational Techniques in Applied Mechanics (AM5600)


  1. Wind Tunnel and Numerical Experiments Lab (AM5840)
  2. Computational Lab(AM5810)

Video Lectures for NPTEL

National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning

  1. Introduction to Turbulence, 40hrs,
      Under Revision
  2. Advanced Gas Dynamics, 40hrs
  3. Introduction to Boundary Layers, 20hrs, MOOC