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Alumni Students

S No. Name of the Scholar Title of Thesis Course & Year of Completion Co-Guide, if any
1. S. Denis Ashok Modeling, Measurement and Analysis of Spindle Radial Errors in a Miniaturized Machine Tool Ph.D (2010) -
2. G. Rajamohan Measurement Strategies for verification of Freeform Surfaces using Coordinate Metrology Ph.D (2011) Prof. M.S. Shunmugam
3. A. Murugarajan Characterization of Meso-Scale Component Features using Capacitive Sensor Ph.D (2012) -
4. R. Suresh Investigations on Machining Characteristics of Hardened Steels Ph.D (2013) Dr. S. Basavarajapp, U.B.D.T. College of Engineering, Davangere, Karnataka (Kuvempu Univ. letter No.:KU/AC/PhD-01:(97):5949:2008-09 dt.15-12-2008; IIT Approval letter No. F.ARU/R6/2013/431dt. 1903.13)
5. A. Giridharan Online Monitoring and control of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining during Micro-turning process Ph.D (2015) -
6. T. Jagadesh Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Micro Turning of Titanium Alloys Ph.D (2016) -
7. Niketh S Surface texturing of drill tools Ph.D (2019) Received Institute research award
8. V. Janarathanan Investigations into wire electrical discharge turning (WEDT) process using pulse train data analysis M.S. (2010) -
9. Kalyan C Cutting mode analysis in high speed finish turning of aluminium alloys using edge prepared PCD tools M.S. (2015) -
10. Rahul Dutta Free form surface measurement and machining M.S. (2018) -
11. V. Ramakrishnan Analysis and Experimental Studies of Warpage in Diamond Cutting Wheel during Cutting Operation. M.Tech (2006) -
12. M. Ramalingam Investigation On The Conveying Velocity Of A Linear Vibratory Feeder For Handling Bulk Sized Small Parts M.Tech (2006) -
13. M. Darwin Design and Implementation of Heavy Duty Vehicles Brake Assembly Station based on low cost automation M.Tech (2007) -
14. Chandam Bobo 3-D Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Machining of Metal Matrix Composites M.Tech (2007) -
15. Pathe Sandip Plant layout and Scheduling for Vibromech Ltd. Chennai, India M.Tech (2007) -
16. Ajay Bhagat Artificial intelligence based design software development M.Tech (2008) -
17. R. Vivek Determination of thrust in under water robot M.Tech (2008) Dr. Ashokan , Engineering Design
18. Himamsu Popuri Automated manufacturing cell for customized products ordered online M.Tech (2009) Dr. Rahul Marathe, DoMS
19. Nagarjuna Reddy Arekuti Extraction of geometric data of micro features and evaluation of form error M.Tech (2009) -
20. Masapogu Samanna Development of automated mechanism for quality control of piston ring surface grinding process M.Tech (2009) -
21. Shrey Ginoria Optimization of a parallel machine scheduling problem by a genetic algorithm based heuristic (Prof C S Krishnamoorthy Endowment Prize for the best project in the area of Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation) M.Tech (2009) Prof. G. Srinivas, DoMS
22. J. Usha Rani Modeling of forces in a tool in micro end milling process M.Tech (2009) -
23. Harshal G. Dhake Development of set-up for wire EDM turning M.Tech (2010) -
24. Raj Aryan Incremental cell formation in cellular manufacturing system M.Tech (2010) -
25. P. Bhagat Reddy Machining of silicon using Wire EDM M.Tech (2011) -
26. Sumedh V. Vidwans Optimization of a parallel machine scheduling problem for multi objectives by ant colony optimization based heuristic M.Tech (2011) Prof. G. Srinivas, DoMS
27. Sekhar G Design and development of a compressor test rig M.Tech (2011) -
28. Satish Kumar K Optimization of pre-form and enhancement of wear life of piston rod used in heavy vehicle suspension system M.Tech (2011) -
29. Aravind Krishnan S Optimization of material removal rate and surface roughness in wire electro discharge turning M.Tech (2011) -
30. Pavan Kumar Chuahan Analysis of temperature distribution in piston rings M.Tech (2012) -
31. Sandeep Pratty Investigation of nanoparticles generated by micro electro discharge machining M.Tech (2012) Dr. Somashekar Hiremat
32. Wondimu Shega Expert system for inspection planning of coordinate measuring machine M.Tech (2012) -
33. A. Sainath Stability Modelling In Micro-Milling M.Tech (2013) -
34. K. Sandeep - M.Tech (2013) -
35. B. Madhu Some Experimental Investigations on Powder Mixed Electric Discharge Machining M.Tech (2013) -
36. Karthik Machining and Characterization of High Aspect Ratio Walls Using Wire-Cut Edm M.Tech (2014) -
37. Vijayakumar S Design, modeling and development of strip electrical discharge machining M.Tech (2014) -
38. Sunny Solomon Development of Micro Electric Discharge Machining Assisted With Ultrasonic Vibration M.Tech (2014) -
39. Tony M Shaju Experimental Investigation and Finite Element Modeling of EDM Process using Hollow Electrodes and Injection Flushing M.Tech (2015) -
40. Kokate Vishal Shivaji Finite Element Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Machining Process of 7075-T651 Aluminium alloy by using Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tool. M.Tech (2015) -
41. Fannan CBV Machining of Titanium Using Uncoated And PFPE Coated Carbide Tools M.Tech (2015) -
42. Joshna Gajula Measurement of wear and prediction of tool life in micro tools M.Tech (2016) -
43. Shubham Adaptive Lighting System for Machine Vision based Inspection M.Tech (2016) Dr. Arunachalam
44. Prithesh Jain Optimization Under Uncertainty With Demand As GBM M.Tech (2016) Dr. Rahul marathe, DoMS
45. Neha Patel Design and Development of Micro gripper M.Tech (2017) -
46. Akshaykumar Gunda Scene Perception and Recognition for Autonomous Vehicles M.Tech (2017) -
47. Pavan Gautam Freeform inspection M.Tech (2017) -
48. B. Sundeep Design and development of techniques for minimizing manufacturing error in free form surfaces B.Tech (2006) -
49. M. Naveen Design and development of techniques for minimizing manufacturing error in free form surfaces B.Tech (2006) -
50. G. Hemanth Analysis of cutting forces and determination of critical operating parameters in micro drilling B.Tech (2007) Dr. N.J. Vasa, Engineering Design
51. Sugan Durai Murugan Modelling and simulation of turning process and tool edge radius effect on micro turning process using fem software - DEFORM B.Tech (2013) -
52. Gautham K J Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Defect Optimization' B.Tech (2014) Prof. G. Srinivasan
53. Lazim Volumetric error modelling Dual Degree (2018) -
54. Ajeeth Singh Chauhan Dynamic analysis of spindle M.Tech (2018) -
55. Pranit Khairkar Volumetric error analysis M.Tech (2018) -
56. Devi Suma S Volumetric Errors in 5 axis CNC Machine Tools M.Tech (2019) -
57. Aishwary Gupta Intelligent systems M.Tech (2019) -