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(i) Sponsored Research Projects

S No. Title of the project Duration Sponsor Value (Rs) PI Co-Investigators, if any
1. Non-contact Sensor-based Measurement, Modeling and Analysis of Geometric and Spindle Errors in Numerically Controlled Machine Tools 3 years (2005-08) IIT Madras 5, 00,000.00 PI -
2. Development of Setup for Investigation of Mechanical Micromachining of Composites 2 years (2006-08) AR & DB 24, 06, 850.00 - Prof. MS. Shunmugam
3. In-process measurement and evaluation of surface roughness using non-contact sensor based measurement system 2 years (2008-10) CSIR 10,91, 500.00 PI -
4. Measurement and evaluation of surface and dimensional features of micro components using confocal displacement sensor. 2 Years (2012-2014) CSIR 17,92,000.00 PI -
5. Machining and characterization of micro shaped holes in high temperature materials using hybrid machining process 2 Years (2015-2017) ARDB 2,38,90,000.00 - Prof. MS. Shunmugam
6. Five axis CNC ultra precision machining center ( Kern Evo, German make) 1 year (2014-2015) IIT Madras 2,00,000.00 - Prof. MS. Shunmugam
7. Development of Ultra Precision Micro Machining Center (This is a project under Advanced Manufacturing technology Center (AMTDC) supported by Department of Heavy Industries (DHI), Coordinated by Prof. N. Ramesh Babu ) 3 Years (2016-2019) DHI and MTab Engineers (P) Limited, Chennai 2,53,50,000.00 PI Dr. Srinivas Devadula
8. Development of Setup for Generation of Flushing Grooves on Microtools by Wire Electric Discharge Grinding (WEDG) 1 year (2018-19) IIT Madras, Innovative Projects 2,00,000.00 PI Krupa Serah Jacob
9. Group Project under FIST Department of Science and Technology - Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Higher Educational Institutions (FIST) 5 years 2014-19 DST (FIST) 5,80,00,000.00 - Faculty in Manufacturing Engineering Section

(ii) Consultancy Projects

S No. Title of the project Duration Sponsor Value (Rs) Co-Investigators, if any
1. Profile evaluation of a machined component for antenna 3 Months (2007) SAMEER Centre for Electro-magnetics, Chennai 2,000.00 Prof. MS. Shunmugam
2. Improvement of the existing model of combination switch for heavy vehicles One years (2008-09) Electron Electronics, Chennai 1,75,000.00 -
3. Design and development of double lever combination switch 2 years (2008-10) Electron Electronics, Chennai 2,50,000.00 -
4. Determination of surface area of bio media samples Six month (2011) Global Engineering Company Ltd., Chennai 4,000.00 -
5. Measurement and evaluation of surface area of biomedia used in treat wastewater treatment One year (2011-12) Global Engineering Company Ltd., Chennai 3,00,000.00 -
6. Optical 3D profiling for high tensile Structure Steel One Year (2012) L&T Constructions, Chennai 1,00,000.00 Prof. MS. Shunmugam
7. Inspection of dimensions & surface finish 2 Years Global Engineering Company Ltd., Chennai 1,20,000.00 -
8. Design and Development of Smart Switch for heavy Vehicles One Year Eltron Electricals, Chennai 3,00,000.00 Prof. MS. Shunmugam