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There are no open positions in the lab

Junior Research fellow

The genomic and evolutionary landscape of azole resistance in budding yeast

Postdoctoral fellow

GenomeIndia: Cataloguing the genetic variations in Indians

Postdoctoral fellow

Preterm birth risk in pregnant women – prediction using machine learning models

IBSE Postbaccalaureate fellow

IBSE fellowship for bright undergraduates

RBCDSAI Postdoctoral fellow

Highly competitive RBCDSAI fellowship for candidates in areas of data science and artificial intelligence

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The Systems Genetics Laboratory is looking for post-doctoral fellows, graduate and master's students to work on cutting edge of inter-disciplinary research in fields of genetics, population genetics, systems and computational biology. Experience in modern molecular biology techniques, high-throughput technologies, large genome-wide data analysis and computational biology will be advantageous.

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