Systems biology of yeast - gene-gene and gene-environment interaction networks underlying complex traits

Welcome to our research initiative, where we delve into the intricate interplay between genetic factors and environmental conditions in shaping the evolution and adaptation of various species. Our work focuses on understanding how organisms respond to the dynamic selection pressures imposed by diverse abiotic and biotic factors across space and time.

Unraveling the Genetic Architecture: We explore how specific environments influence genetic architecture, shedding light on the complex interplay between genetic and epigenetic parameters. By investigating the effects of individual environments and their combinations on phenotype, we uncover instances where a genotype exhibits opposite effects in different environmental contexts, a phenomenon with profound implications for evolution and adaptation.

Harnessing Genotype-Phenotype Data:Large-scale analysis of genotype-phenotype data is a cornerstone of our research. This approach enables us to discern how gene-gene interactions and environmental factors intricately shape the impact of genetic variations. Our goal is to identify molecular pathways crucial for adaptation in diverse environments, whether it's influencing growth yield in plants or understanding disease predisposition in humans.

Deciphering Gene-Gene Interactions: Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying gene-gene interactions is a key aspect of our research. With a focus on additive and epistatic interactions, we utilize the yeast system to decipher individual functional networks associated with each gene. This approach allows us to uncover how these networks interact when genes exhibit additive effects or epistasis, providing essential insights into the molecular basis of these interactions in quantitative traits.

Towards Predictive Genetics: Our ultimate goal is to comprehensively characterize gene-gene and gene-environment interactions, offering a predictive understanding of the phenotypic effects of alleles. Whether it's in plants or humans, we aim to contribute to the broader field of genetics by unraveling the intricate networks that drive adaptation and evolution in populations.

Join us on this scientific journey as we explore the nuances of genetic and environmental interactions, paving the way for a deeper understanding of evolution and adaptation across diverse biological systems.

Current research projects

Systems biology of yeast

To understand genotype-phenotype maps in populations and in evolution of genetic networks

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Developing models for gestational age estimation and preterm classification and risk prediction in Indian populations

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GenomeIndia: Cataloguing the genetic variations in Indians

The project aims to carryout whole genome sequencing of 10,000 Indians representing the genetic diversity of the Indian population

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Indo-European Consortium for Next Generation Influenza Vaccine INCENTIVE

Data analytics for development of next generation influenza vaccines for the EU and India

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MetaSUB Chennai

Analysis of post-COVID19 environmental metagenome of Chennai City Metro

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Computational biology

Reanalysis yeast genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and phenotype datasets to search exciting questions to gain novel insights

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